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The year that was.. oh wait.. not yet…!!

The year is coming to an end… another to begin and I look back (ok I just ‘look’, damn you English Nazi’s) at how this year has ( ok ok, ‘is’…) been..

January: Single and Jobless

February: Got a job and proposed to the man.

March: Met the Fockers and he met the parents.

April: My line was engaged.

May: Ran around the city for Hair & Make-up artist and wedding photographer.

June: Spent the evenings at Ranga Mandira for wedding dance rehearsals.

July: Married the biker.

August: Set up the house for parties and more parties.

September: Two states – the story of my honeymoon. Rode 1600 kms to kerala..

October: Mundane. Work. Cooking. Husband. Parties. Cousins. – the ROUTINE.

November: Lights. Camera. Action. Was Busy acting in a family short film.

December: On a ‘only wine’ diet.

On the whole, it has been an awesome year…. Kickass, fun, funny, emotional, dramatic, love, love making, romance and what not.. cant wait for 2015….!

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Spot the 6 differences :)



Current Salary:

Current location:

Open to Relocation:

Family particulars:

If you thought the above details were ripped off from a job site, you are completely wrong. These are taken from a matrimonial site. This is just the beginning of the silliness, I tell you.  Let us look at the similarities between a job site and a matrimonial site.

Similarity 1:

In both the services, there is the free and paid membership, which means if you cannot afford to pay to find your “dream job/partner”, you have to settle for just browsing through the profiles and cannot contact any but in some cases you can just send an interest that you would like to be considered. Similar to the Dog and bone theory it is. Now don’t ask me who is the Dog and who is the Bone. I leave that to you.

Similarity 2:

You can filter your search based on your preferences. If you do not want your ex partner/company (at times current too 🙂 ) to know that you are looking at moving out of your current role/company, you can block them. See, how simple life is made…Tada…!

Similarity 3:

If you are a Paid member, get your personalized true match finder. They will match you to the desired job/partner. Their main job in life is to find a job for you. How selfless, you see. They will be constantly on the lookout for the best jobs/partner for you and make a list for you to review and reject or short-list. Once you short-list, you can go ahead with the various rounds of interview.

Similarity 4:

The profile you present and the profile the employer wants is never a perfect fit. The key skills you enter is in most cases more than what you are capable of, Yet you ensure you feature in most of the search results by the elite members by being the premium job seeker.

Similarity 5:

Once you get short-listed for your ideal job, the consultant will be more worried for you to get the job than the actual employer. Only if you are worthy enough to find your true partner, they can display the news on their website. If you reject them, no problem, a back up is ready. They will ensure they are behind you until you choose one.

Similarity 6:

If you get selected and join the employer for a long-term commitment and if the employer comes to know that the information you provided in the site or during the interview is not right or if they find you not performing your tasks to the fullest, your contract will end. What happens post the contract is not their problem. Their job is to only show you the suitable employers, it is your capability to spot the right one among those.

Well, you can substitute the words employer, job and consultant to suit to the matrimonial terms. But all said and done, marriage is never a business deal to decide by matching the CTC and company. It is a lifelong commitment of the heart. No divorce (or I can say very less) has happened because the partner was earning a lesser CTC or did not own a house. The reasons for divorce are not the lack or mismatch of what is given in the website, but the ability to understand and love our partner beyond those pointers.

The points such as Love, Understanding, Forgiving, Compromising, Trust and belief are the most important for any marriage to flourish and cannot be quantified by any of these websites. So please do not blindly go by what the profile on the website says, for marriage is not a membership, but a choice of a lifetime.

Cheers 🙂

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What women want!

A million dollar question, isn’t it? WHAT WOMEN WANT.

Men and a few women have brought us a bad name, so to say. We aren’t as demanding as you think we are. We are equally demanding as a man is. That makes our demands as normal as a man, am I right…?

Ok, you ask me how and I will tell you my perspective and my opinion on the same. Remember as I always say, I’m as opinionated as you are.

Want no 1:

We like it, need it and want it as much as the men do. Vidya Balan nailed it. Why do you think sex is gender related? It is absolutely not. Just because we do not go around raping men does not mean we do not like sex. Raping is not the answer to wanting it more than us. Please remember that. Just that we are more civilized about it than the men. Our hormones work much more and multiple times too, if you know what I mean 😉 The basic problem with men is, you guys think we want everything else but one of the basic things we want is THIS. Get that in your mind, we don’t rape and show but we do kiss and tell. WE want you to know this.

Want no 2:

Diamonds are not girl’s best friends. I’m saying this is a myth. All I’m saying is showering us with diamonds and gold is not all what we want. If your woman is upset or says nothing, does not mean you have to impress her with diamonds. That is not what we imply. If our man tries and becomes out best friend, diamond becomes “the other woman” in our life. We want our man to be our best friend, as simple as that and there are no T&C to become a woman’s best friend. Just be as crazy as her and you win the trophy.

Want no 3:

We are not complicated. At times, when we say nothing there actually is nothing. Do not read between the lines and come up with your assumptions that something is wrong with us and make this an excuse to meet your friend over scotch to talk about how complicated we are. We WANT you to know this. We want you to understand that we are a simple species. When we say we do not know which restaurant to eat, we do not know. It does not mean we are confused. It means we do not know and would like to know your suggestion. It is Black and White. No grey here. We are not a cipher for you to decipher us. WE want you to know we are simple.

Want no 4:

When we cry, there is a reason. WE are not stupid enough to plan and cry. Don’t assume. Ask. The problem with men is you do not ask, you think asking is dangerous and hence tell us “everything is going to be ok sweetie”. This shit we know ourselves. If we are upset, we will tell you. But if we don’t, ask us why. We are not going to complain about your mother every time you ask. Maybe, once or twice 😉 We WANT you to not over assume.

Want no 5:

Space, just like you… We can storm the house picking up our coat (read – shrugs) too and meet friends over for a drink. But we do not do that. That does not mean, we do not need our time. We do not want to be glued to you 24X7 please. Why men think of us that way? It is you who calls us after being on site for a week saying you miss the food and sex. We can still survive without you. The fact is men are more dramatic, just that you don’t express it on your face but in action. Sometimes, just let us be. Do not assume we always want “us” time. WE want “ME” time too.

Want no 6:

Clothes… Look, even eve took time to dress up although leaves were all that she had. We WANT you to please know this. We love dressing up. You men can cover up your private parts and walk out of the door. We cannot do that. You abuse us for the time we take dressing up, but once we do get dressed, you men want to rip us on the bed. Accept it please; your organ is visible enough from the outside. No need to be two faced. We love looking good and dressing up well. Would you have fallen for us the first time had we come in our night suit..? NO right. So please, relax and watch the game of football until we get dressed. We WANT you to wait just like how we wait till you finish watching the game of cricket to come to bed.

Want no 7:

Read in a recent interview that Men find married women more desirable because there is a kick in eating the “forbidden fruit”. Remember the first forbidden fruit was eaten by Eve and not Adam. So we love the forbidden fruit as much as you do. The point I’m trying to make here is we have options too; we do not exercise it as much as the men do. So we WANT you to keep your ‘mouse’ in the cage. I do not think we are asking for anything much here. Just the basic thing called TRUST.

These are not the “7 deadly sins” that I’m trying to put up here. All I’m saying is women want the basic things in life. Do not typecast us. I for one HATE pink. It is of my least favorite color. A friend of mine prefers Whisky to breezer. Please understand we are all different people. Your friend’s wife is different from yours. DO NOT go by what your friend tells you. IF you become your Women’s best friend, you will know we are just too simple to handle, after all what is life without a bit of craziness, eh. 🙂

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As I was walking down the road at 8 pm, I saw a whole bunch of men stare at me. Why you ask? Because I was wearing a single piece dress that ended a little above my knee… A young guy, 20’s something even made it a point to follow me till a point when I turned around and told him “Why waste two auto’s, let’s go in one. Saves money… The police station is just 2.5 kms, won’t take much time. What say?” and he walked the opposite direction in no time.

Remember those men staring at me..? Every pair of those eyes hash tagged an image of me. We women are constantly hash tagged and bucketed. The society decides which bucket we belong to. The society concludes who we are and what we do.

#The Slut – Women hash tagged in this category are becoming more in number by the day. Wear a top that shows a little of your cleavage, you are a slut. A man is dropping you off at 1 AM, you are a slut. Sitting alone in the bar on a Saturday night, you are a slut. Wear a red lipstick, you are definitely a slut. Wear a skirt that shows the dragon tattoo on your thigh, you are a slut. You could be just enjoying your life. You could be married and wearing that dress with your husband. You could be wearing that lipstick for a family function. The society does not care. You see, you do any of this and are sure to be called one. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who rub’s his hands against a woman’s back.

#The Flirt – This category is taken for granted. This hash tag and #The Slut hash tag is differentiated by an inch. By inch, I mean the inch of the clothing. You see a man at a bar; you tell him hi and start a conversation. You are a flirt. Does not matter if you are a lesbian. You initiated a conversation, and hence hash tagged. You are on your way in a bus and the journey is a long one, you talk about how bad the Indian roads are and there you are hash tagged as a flirt in his mind. It does not matter, if you were just trying to make a conversation till the journey lasts. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who hits on his wife’s girl friend.

#The Geek – I pity the ones in this category. They are neither here nor there. You are wearing cotton pajamas, khadi kurti, dupatta, plated hair and a pair of glasses with books in your hand, you are a geek. Does not matter if the books are on Kama Sutra or the Femina. The society decides and defines who you are. You are not cool according to ‘them’. This category tries so hard to look the way they think to fit to the society and I want to tell these women, please hash tag the society as #losers.

#The Old fashioned – Well, the geek tag and this is differentiated by a thin line and that line is called stupidity. Going to a temple on a Friday, you are hash tagged in this category. Take lunch from home to work every day, you are old fashioned. Does not matter if you are going for a Vegas themed party after the temple. According to the society, you are old fashioned and do not know a thing about fashion. I’m not sure how to hash tag men who wear rudraksh, dothis, performs bhajans and watch porn.

#Modern – The most confused form of hast tagging is this. Every second woman today is in this category. You wear a pair of jeans and you are hash tagged modern. Immaterial of what you think. I for one hate this tag; I do not even understand what “modern” means. How do you define modern? Please explain. Coz we do not know what it means. We dress in what we feel comfortable in. WE wear shorts on Monday and Saree on Tuesday, for us we are what we are. I’m not sure how to hash tag the men who wear blazers and work in an MNC and still expect the wife to keep the food ready at 1 pm and 8 pm everyday and serve him dutifully.

#Whore – The most mis-used name is this. It angers me. Boils my blood. Triggers me to kill the person. You date a guy and break up and date someone else, you are a whore. Why? Because you have slept with more than one man in your life. Does not matter, why and how the break-up happened. Does not matter if the man was a coward and walked away. Does not matter if you loved him with all your heart. All that mattered was you slept with more than one man and end of story. You will be hash tagged a #whore. Does not matter if you wanted sex as much as a man does. The problem with men is they think they wanting sex is natural and a woman wanting and needing isn’t natural. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who is married and still sleeps with someone else other than his wife.

This blog may come out strongly to many man and few women too, but my point is do not hash tag or categorize us into anything. We are none of it and all of it. Do not suffocate us by bucketing us into tags. The more you tag us, the more we would want to break free from it and then we are tagged #rebels. We do not categorize a man wearing shorts or a suit. For us, a man is a man is a man. Women are meant to be loved and not judged.

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Hindian cinema…!

I write this blog with greatest outbreak not only at the Indian cinema but also at the media for boosting the whole cult of just ONE language in India. Every award that India represents as a country, the language “Hindi” had become the only language that is been given utmost importance. I to-date do not understand the differences between so many “woods” in the Indian industry. The bollywood being the most over-rated film fraternity in the world.

Film fare – Every award has a south Indian rip off and I do not understand why. Why do you want to have a “Film fare awards – South” separately? We do not belong to another country. Aren’t we representing India as one? The most depressing thing is, the actors form down south participating in it shamelessly without fighting for their rights to have just one award show per say. The value for an award has reduced by a mile today compared to what it was decades ago. Today, every television channel has an award in its title.

Be specific, I say – Why do you give out “Best Actor” award to Ranbir kapoor/Farhan Akthar without attaching the language as “Best actor – Hindi”? When the awards are given down south, you ensure to say “Best actor – Tamil” “Best Actor – Kannada” and the list goes on specifying every damn language. Should you not specify Hindi as a language too or have you people taken for granted Hindi is the only language that India knows or understands?

IIFA – Indian international film awards. The title clearly says Indian right? Then why do you have only the stars that make Hindi movies sitting in the function? Why only the Hindi movies are nominated in the categories? Should you not nominate other language movies as well when you are having “India” in the award title? How can you promote a country’s films based on one language? The worst thing is, one or two south Indian actors are called to ensure the south does not feel ignored. This is pathetic and insulting.

The government – The IFFI (International film festival of India is an initiative by the DOFF -Director of Film Festivals, a government agency) which is one of the most significant Film festivals in India hardly has any south Indian flavor in it. I see Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif asked to inaugurate it. I do not see a Mamooty or Mohanlal asked to do the same. Have the festivals become media conscious to call those people who add glamour quotient to the event? Why is our country representing one language as the face of the film industry? Our government hardly does anything on this. Is it because of the political influence the bollywood stars carry with?

Media – The media only adds more fuel to the fire. I see so many shows in English news channels that have only Hindi movie artists participating. Why…? Is it because we do not generate enough gossips as much as them…? Why do you have polls of Best Entertainers and Best Actress and have only Hindi artists in the list of nominations? A director who made Kuch Kuch Hota hai and a director who made Tees Maar khan are in the nominations. Is this how you represent Indian cinema to the world? Have you not heard anybody else? should he/she also make a Hindi movie to be noticed?

Quality – The so called ‘A’ grade movies in Hindi or the so called Bollywood is cheaper than the B grade movies made in South India. The movies that have small time actors in south are of much more superior acting and talents. Houseful and Ra.One are stamped as First grade movies because of the stars starring in it. Well in reality, they lack class, talent and something called Common sense. There is no story, there is absolutely no story. All that the producers do is market them well and they know the public will fall for it anyways and always. I really pity the “Hindi” audience. I mean seriously, how dumb can a group of audience get? When I see a status message that says “Krishh 3/Ra.One is our answer to batman” and “Dhoom 3 is our answer to ‘the fast and furious’…”, I get extremely furious. Why don’t you make movies and say “This is our answer to Martin Scorsese” or “This is our answer to Meryl Streep”, is it because all you can show is skin and not talent?

I’m not against Hindi cinema, but I’m against the fact that it has projected itself to be “Indian Cinema”. Indian cinema is much more than “Ohh la la…” and “Meri paas maa hai…” I only hope the world gets to see it. You maybe the wood, we are the peckers.

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Ten pointers to be a best friend :)

1. You get a call at 3 in the morning . You pick up the phone knowing it would be a silly topic to talk. If you are married, you pick it up anyways and talk under the bedspread or go to another room 😉 coz it can’t wait till the morning 🙂

2. In a crowd, you support her and laugh at her jokes and encourage others to laugh knowing it is a stupid joke, But give her a beating when no one is around.

3. You know all the things about her. Her sex life, her PMS cycle, her mother in law torture and her husband’s new sexy lady colleague. Basically you are the shadow and the mirror she looks at times of sorrow and happyness 🙂

4. You lie to your other friends that you are busy doing house chores but secretly meet up and gossip about the other friends.

5. You are the only one to know many things that nobody else knows in her life. Not even her husband. You know her secret fantasies and fetishes and dark secrets.

6. You praise her boy friend when she is in love with him and curse him if they break up without even knowing whose side the mistake is.

7. You have a secret way to communicate that nobody else in the room understands. She looks at you and looks at somebody else and you will know exactly what she is thinking.

8. You will know when she is upset without her telling a word. You know the meaning of her replies. There is a difference between “K” “OK” and “OKIE” 🙂 when she replies.

9. You are among the first ones to like all her status updates and pictures no matter how stupid they are and when you do not like them , you get a What’sapp message asking you to like it immediately.

10. You both move on in life. Change cities. Change countries. Meet new people. Make new friends. But you are constantly being compared to the other friends and nobody is quite like you.

I dedicate this to my best friend. I won’t name her but she knows it is HER.

PS- To all the men, I don’t know how friendship works between two guys. Im guessing it’s far more simpler and everything is solved over a beer 🙂

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South Vs North

All south Indians are “Madrasis”…

Probably the oldest mistake made and still largely in use. Just like how you people do not like to be categorized as “north Indians”, similarly we do not like to be categorized as “Madrasis”. Please understand there are four states in South India. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Madras (now Chennai) is the capital of Tamil Nadu. I spoke to a friend for a long time and ended up saying ‘…you north Indians…” and she was quick to react saying “I’m from Pune and it is in the west”. And I replied “this is how we feel when you call all of us “Madrasis” and she hung up 🙂

South Indians cannot make Rotis.

A friend of mine posted a pic on Facebook “finally sambhar done, simpler than I thought” and she had the picture of the sambhar she cooked instagrammed with it. I called her immediately and told her it looks good. She replied “yes, better than the rotis you ‘south Indians’ make. This got me angered. Look, we make rotis decently well, people. It may not be as round as the earth but still it matches to one of the planet shape and it tastes well too. Stop mocking us for our Roti making skills. The “Roti Maker” was invented by a north Indian; we were not that lazy to buy a machine to make rotis. Take that!

South Indians are not ‘cool’.

I read an article where it says “south India lack sense in dressing and they don’t know how to talk”. Hey look, I’m an unbiased person by nature but you say things like these, I will hunt you down and kill you with my talking. Just so you know, most percentage of IIT’ans are from Andhra Pradesh, which is FYI in South India. Most of the National Awards were won by a South Indian. The Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma are South Indians but who are now ashamed to call themselves that. Lastly, Rajnikanth is from South India. No one can get cooler than him. Buzz off now. 

South Indians cannot speak Hindi.

This is crazy. I mean seriously CRAZY. We speak our mother tongue here buddy. You come to our part of the country and you make fun of our language. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka has 65% of you people. I know people living in Bangalore for a decade and do not know a single word of the local language, why is that…?..Because, you guys survive with Hindi, a language which we speak better than you people talking our language. I can hear the mumbling “Hindi is national language”. Yeah sure…! Delhi is our national capital, and Delhi’ites wants to run away from there. Got the message? No? Try translating it in Hindi. 

South Indians have only idli and sambhar.

Ignorance to an extent is tolerable. Idiotism is NOT. A friend of mine who stayed in Chennai for a project called up and said this “arrey kya yaar, all you guys have is Idli, Dosa, Sambhar and Pongal, nothing else. It’s too boring” to which I replied “oh I know how you feel, I felt the same when I was in Delhi few years ago and all they had was Aloo paratha, Aloo Mutter, Aloo cauliflower paratha, Aloo pudina paratha, Aloo paneer paratha and oh did I mention Aloo bonda.” FYI, Times Of India voted “Idli” as the most nutritious breakfast. Take that!

South Indian movies are “B” graded.

Oh, totally agree to this. I mean, of course we make B grade movies. With movies like Bodyguard, Ghajini, Wanted, Ready and of course the famous Chennai Express made individual collections of 200 crore and oh did I mention all these were originally made in south. Chennai express ran because it had “Chennai’ in it. Our Hindi might be “Bawkwasss” but our movies are NOT. We have the most number of national awards winners, Film fare winners and oh did I mention Oscar winner AR Rahman is from South India and he did speak in “Tamil” in his Oscar speech. Of course we make “B” graded movies darling. “BETTER” graded movies.

South Indians are stingy.

An acquaintance of mine said this to me and I have heard few people talking about this too. We south Indians are stingy when it comes to money. That we see the tag ten times before we buy anything. I replied “at least we don’t pin the price tag on the dress while wearing them”. We are not stingy, we are cost conscious and we are smart investors. We may look at the price tag for ten times, but when someone asks we tell them the actual price or probably lesser. We do not buy from Chandni Chowk and claim it to be from Manish Malhotra.

We love “North Indians”, when I say I mean the rest of India. It is not the religion that tears India apart, it is this that does. The boundary between India and Pakistan looks far less erasable compared to the boundary between the South and North of India. We are one nation and let us talk like ONE.

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Gods’ must be crazy…! :)

God. God. God. One or two.. millions of them around and at times i get confused whom to worship to get my prayers answered.

The very fact that people say be “god fearing” is the most negative thing to say….!

The word “fear” is negative; there is nothing positive about fear. Fear gives the other person the leverage to win over you. Fear is for the weak hearted. Fear is for people who have no faith, who have no belief in themselves. Fear is the most negative term used. To put fear alongside God is an oxymoron to me. We are all conditioned from young age to be “god fearing”, our parents tell us time and again to be one. It took years for me to know that fear and God can never go together. Where there is fear, there cannot be a God and Vice-verse.

Our projection of God is completely wrong. We take so much advantage of him/her (im yet to figure out which gender god is, pardon me for this is nothing to do with feminism). When a child does a bad deed, we are quick to say “god is going to punish you”. Please don’t spoil the child and please spare the God, he has no idea how the law works.

I do not believe God can be confined within four walls. He is as free as we are. Imagine four walls being built around us and asked to be living within them, tough no? I’m saying don’t go to temples, all im saying is don’t go in search of god when he actually is within you and all around you. Temples block huge spaces in a space crunched country. There are thousands on the road not having a roof above them, if you want to reach closer to god, build them a shelter with that extra money you have instead of building a temple. There are too many all over, let’s not over populate it.

Why do you build a temple? For people to come and worship God and get your needs fulfilled? Simple eh? Then why do you have only a certain section of people coming to it? Temples are only for people with money? God never said that. Why do you branch out different Queue systems? Free line for the poor. These people get to see God much later than the people with money. How? Simple..! Start a queue system and name it “Special Darshan” for Rs.100/- to Rs.10000/-. The more you pay, the faster you are to seeing God and the closer you are to bribing him to fulfill your wishes. What an idea Sirji. This is the reason temples are built today.

Why are we giving a wrong idea about God to the people and most importantly to our children? God doesn’t know how to discriminate. God doesn’t say, “oh well, he has come in an Audi, so let me answer his prayers first”. God is not an automobile expert, you fool. God made us, not machines. God understands us by who we are and not by what we own.  

The mother prays “please ensure my son passes his 12th exam with first class, i will do that 10000/- waala pooja to you. Son prays “Please god, i want to pray cricket, i do not like studying, i want to fail so that i do not have to study. I will donate some money from my first match i play for India”. Now what do you think God is..? A Lawyer? Whose prayers come true? The one who takes actions and not just prays. PERIOD. You sit on that thing for years and only pray, nothing will move unless you make an effort to. God pays for the people who make an effort to live their dreams, small or big. God pays for the people who help other people to live better.

The other thing that makes me laugh is the different duties of a God as classifies by the mankind. Go to that God in that place at that time and you will get a baby. Worship that god in that temple on that day and your debts will vanish. Perform a pooja to that God on that hill and you can walk again. What is this? God is running a hospital and a child care center? Suddenly he/she becomes a Gynecologist, ortho expert and a money lending bank. If you want your debts to go, work for it dude. If you want to have a baby, visit a good gynac close by. Stop torturing God for all your problems in life. God is a simple person. He/she will help you if you decide to help yourselves. Else, you are wasting your time and God’s time.

Let us stop portraying God to be a villain. He/she is neither a Villain nor a hero, he/she is as normal as you and me. He/she has a good spirit and does well to people.

I’m not saying there is no God, all im saying is remove those false perceptions you have of God and see with a clearer eye and a mind and God is much more beautiful, smart and giving that you can ever think of he/she to be.

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The guy who took me for a ride…


This happened in Bangalore. This conversation happened between the auto driver and myself.

Me: Bhaiyya, Jayanagar chalega?

Him: Haan madam. Meter mein 10 rupees extra.

Me: ok.

(so i’am half way through my ride)

Me: jayanagar mein woh bus stand ke pass, woh u turn lena hai.

Him: Madam, i know english. U can speak in english.

Me: huh…. yes thank you, so what is ur name? How long have u been riding an auto?

Him: My name is Sunil Gawda Madam, riding auto for 1.5 years.

Me: Oh that is good, what were you doing before that?

Him: Im a graduate. I was working with a IT company as a call center executive madam.

Me: Oh why did u quit?

Him: Its a dog job madam. I was earning only 8000 madam but that boss was asking me to do his work and i did not like so left.

Me: oh that is good for you.

Him: What good madam. I had girl friend that time once i quit and buy a auto, she left me.

Me: Oh, sorry, that is bad.

Him: No sad madam. I earn 17000 now when i was earning 8000 she was with me. I ask her why and she says i worked with a good company. Because i ride auto, she left me but im earning double now but she does not see it.

Me: oh….ok…

Him: Girls today do not know how to select boys madam. They see one tag around the neck which they dont realise is like a belt around a dog’s neck. They fall for boys working for big companies, but inside office he may be a office boy. Girls today are very bad in choosing madam thats why marriages don’t work today.

Me: ( felt a slap on my face with a Frisbee) oh……hmmmm…. my place is come.

Him: Ok bye madam.

Well,  i have nothing more to add to this, the conversation talks for itself. The price for the journey was 76/- but the lesson learnt was priceless 🙂