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Sandwitching it!

Why layer a passionate truthful lust with non existent unfaithful love?

Man 1. {Majority}

SEX is a bad thing. Very very bad. So bad that I cannot want it just like that, but I need to sandwich it with layers of affection, love and impress the other person so much that the actual intent isn’t seen at all.  So this girl is insanely good looking and {& single} is friendly to everyone. Gets an instant hard on. I need to make out with her. But I don’t have that intellectual capability to match with hers. But she is hot and I need to sleep with her. I can’t tell her that because obviously that makes me a BAS**RD. So let do this. Let me put out another me to her. Let me ask her out nicely. Let me be a gentleman. Let me impress her with all emotions and feelings that I have no intention of taking forward with her. <first meeting over coffee happens. Plus a dinner on another day. plus a movie some other day. Kiss, hugs, smooch, first base ends.  Introduces to friends. second base. House party. third base ends. Makes out>. ok, she was good. very good. but the intent is still the same. Have another time. <Third base repeats with climax>. The girl tells her entire group of friends of how amazing this guy is. How very caring and concerned he is. He immediately is the talk of the college/workplace .ladies WhatsApp groups. He is the winner.

The man who made up a non existent love and affection to have sex. he is the hero. yes.

Man 2. {Minority}

Sees this girl who is insanely look good looking and {& single} is friendly to everyone.  Gets an instant hard on. I need to make out with her. Let me tell her that. Approaches the girl. Tells her he wants to make out with her and that he finds her very attractive. The girl is furious. Very furious. Swears at him. How could you talk to a girl like this? Don’t you have decency. <no meeting happens of course>. he is the villain. In ladies WhatsApp groups and fb post rants. He is the bad guy. The guy who wants to have sex. Sex is bad. very very bad.

The man who was honest about wanting to make out. He is the baddie. Yes.


The point I wanted to highlight to those men {majority}, is sex isn’t bad. Wanting ONLY that from someone does not make you a bad person. (Provided it is mutual when taken forward). What actually will make you a bad person is having just that in mind and portraying to not want it and fake a never existent emotion/feeling. DON’T do that. BUT, having said that, even if you are being straight forward to her, if she says no, it means NO. NO means NO. Not maybe. NOT later. And girls, wake up! Being mushy mushy isn’t what will make a man to be one. Don’t be carried away just because someone is a smooth talker and praises you. There is so much more to know before you decide. Such an irony, isn’t? The majority {men} is liked by the women and then they end up being hurt, broken and look for second chances and then the minority {men} are out there who try to be them and end up being blamed for the majority. And as a result, some shift to being the majority and some end up being just who they are waiting for a girl to be broken by a {majority} man.

Another point is, if a man wants just sex from you, it does not make you any lesser. It does not mean you are desperate. If you think so, then you are putting yourself down and putting that beautiful body of yours down.By agreeing to want to have just a physical relationship {by your will} does not make you emotionally incapable. If you genuinely feel only physically attracted to someone and not emotionally, be only that. Don’t question your ethics and morals and torture your mind. You are far more ethical than those {women} who take men for granted and fool them emotionally. If a man wants just sex, you can choose to walk away from him/her if you dont feel the same way. But don’t put yourself down in your mind because someone wants to make out with you and not love {for the sides/sake of it} you. It does not make u any less. What makes you less is having those feelings, burying it and being someone else you aren’t.

BE YOU. YOU are beautiful.



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