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My shooting star!

She –

Oh baby! You shouldn’t be here. Look at you all dolled up. You’re not a star. Stop calling yourself that. You don’t belong here. You need to go back. Go back to where you need to be. It isn’t safe for you to be out here. You need to leave before I take a good look at you up close and I am sure you don’t want that because you know you’re nothing but a ball of dirt and all things ugly. You’re not as beautiful as you claim to be. No, you aren’t. You have a side that we haven’t been exposed to. A side that is seen by the far away galaxies and glitterati.

You are a mass of dust that has come to my world with an illusioned thought of hypnotising me to see you the way you want me to. Look, you are falling apart because you came to see me. Look at you wandering all over the blue lit drama that you asked your little friends to create that can set up a perfect evening for our date. You are going to get lost here honey. I am not safe for you to be around. Go back. Go back where you belong. It’s okay to be dirty and safe rather than be beautiful and in danger. So, go. Go before my people see you and make a big deal. Let this be between us. I don’t want the world to know, oh damn! You know my world better than me. I can live without you. So, leave. NOW. Your time is…

He –

Shhhhhh… I have very little time. Sweetheart, I haven’t invaded your territory, you accidently ran over mine and see the ripples that you have created to both our worlds. I was all dust and dirt, but until you decided to swing by and see me with your mesmerising vision and what you see is nothing but a reflection of you baby. You’re right, you don’t need me. You are good as it is being by yourself, but look at me, I am what I am now because of you. You pushed yourself and entered my zone and now I don’t even know who has invaded whose world as we merge to be one.

I was happily surviving in my zone baby. I had my things to do. Dirty and dusty and happy. You walked in and pushed me down and now I am falling like never before. I am going to crash. I am going to get lost. But I will fall by illuminating your world. For that very brief moment, I fall with all my might knowing that I made you smile. For that brief moment, I know I have made you happy. For that tiny little moment, I know my purpose of existence is fulfilled. You dear, is the center of gravity of my love that I would have never had the opportunity to show. I will fall becoming beautiful and for that my world, I shall always be grateful to you for you helped me be what I was born to be by killing me softly.



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2 thoughts on “My shooting star!

  1. “I came this far to make sure all that glitters are mere dust and dirt , just like me. But after entering your world, my dear, you proved me wrong. You made me realise all that flesh and bones have beauty inside. I’m falling though, because I don’t want to thrive in a world that doesn’t let you in. I’m fading still to become what you are now, by falling in love with you.”

    Your thoughts instilled mine, not to stop where you ended. Beautiful piece. Love it. 🙂

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