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Hey mister!

Hello mister!

So how are you doing to…d…a? Ok firstly stop fidgeting and stay put in one place. No no stop it dude, my cerebellum is not your play dough. Also don’t distract whilst I write this. It’s a competition and I got to win. So stop being a hindrance.

Mister – hey hey hey..wait… that’s me you’re writing about. Don’t you have anything else to write about other than me? Poetry and now a letter? How much more cheesy can you get?

Me – Shut up. Shut up before I change my mind. As it is, there is nothing much that has been written until now. OK in all seriousness, you do know you’re my most desired man right? Every thing I write about is first witnessed by you before anybody else. You see it all forming together in my mind even before I start seeing it myself. When did you creep in and decide to stay inside me forever? Well I am not sure about the forever part. Life is unsure. Did you know I had a crush on you during the days you never knew of my existence? There was something about you that tickled me between my legs and then travelled to the soul and now it’s just everywhere.

Mister –I get it, like leukaemia?

Me – You do know your not always humourous right ?

Mister – well… it’s ‘you’re’ and also you may want to spell check on ‘humorous’ baby.

Me – Sigh. Anyways moving on. I still remember those days when I had your photos occupying memory not just on my phone but on my mind too. No, it wasn’t just your unreasonably good looks that I fell for. It was far more sensible than that. Something about the way you spoke and what you spoke. All of it made too much sense. But let’s not forget those eyes. *dies a little*. The fact that you aren’t mine and taken already wasn’t pulling down my feelings for you. It only makes it more stronger and better. The fact that you aren’t in my house after a long day is comforting. It’s good because I can’t keep up with a over the top perfectionist like you. For starters, I suck at cooking.

Mister – ermmm…. you suck at cooking only starters?! Main course good a?!

Me – Moving on….Iam going to pretend that I didn’t hear that line. As much as I act all cool about you being taken, deep deep inside it pains me. It pains me to know that I won’t be the first to see you get dressed before leaving out. I wouldn’t be able to make love to you as and when I want to. I miss you terribly mister. I have developed such an immense liking towards you. The days when you said nothing at all, those were the days you said it all. The days when you send me just one message and I keep reading it a hundred times and every time it gives me a different shade of happiness. I always think if your ok. If your happy. You don’t say. You always seem happy about everything. Are you really that happy a person? Don’t you have your flashes of misery and anger? Hello? If you can stop playing swing with my nerves and answer please. You literally are getting on my nerves now!

Mister – It’s ‘you’re’ for god sakes. What sort of a writer are you? You know me right? I talk less. People aren’t my favourite species on earth. I need to co-exist with them and my relationship stops there. I don’t carry feelings of others along with me. I drop it off. Much load. As it is a long journey.

Me – You always speak like you just attended some philosophical workshop. No feelings in them and here Iam pouring my heart out. Though you are miles apart, sitting in a faraway land and sipping fine coffee with the stars, be known darling that you’re always running in my mind. Always. Not a second goes by without you. This relationship that I have with you is something I can bank on. The freedom to be myself and not be pretentious. The freedom to speak my mind and not having to worry about being judged. You’re so non judgemental. You understand me and even if you don’t, you don’t bother knowing about it. You continue to do your thing and let me do mine. A sense of trust and admiration. You’re all things love. Thank you for being a part of this. No matter how far you decide to move away, Iam always going to hold you so close to my heart. Days go by without your messages, but yet I close my eyes and there you are! Always there to tell me what’s right and what’s not. Whatever I write, I know you’re reading as I type the words. You’re altering my thoughts accordingly. You’re telling me how to write and how to change that sentence to suit the topic better. You my love, is the source from where I write. The strength and energy that I take from you is amazing. Your amazing.

Mister – No. ‘You’re’ amazing.

Me – Awww, thank you baby!

Mister – errm… no I meant it should be ‘You’re’ there, but good improvement though. I think I’m running too much in your mind. No wonder I’m fit and you clearly aren’t. OK OK. Now don’t binge on that packet of chips. Not good at all baby. You’re much fun and happiness to be with. I like you. In all seriousness, I do. Much freedom you are. My space, mine.

Me – Moron only you are. But let’s talk on the physical aspect. How do you manage to give me orgasms every day…? Multiple in that!! The best thing is you do absolutely nothing to arouse me. So don’t take much credit for it. It’s not just because you’re dashing and gulp worthy yum guy but more so because your soul… ah… your soul, made up of potters clay and rose water. So much joy you bring to me every day. I get up to another sunrise and Iam all the more happier knowing you’re watching one too but in some cases, let’s not forget the time zone.

Mister – did you say physical? Now we are talking. All this while quite honestly I was yawning very much just like the readers. You’re sexy baby! Mine. All mine.

Me – but you already have somebody who is yo..r…

Mister – shhh…. you can also be mine. And you always will be. Always. Remember to lean on when life gets you down. Remember to lift me up when mine gets me down. Remember to stand by and remember to hold on to me because I’m not very good with this baby. I suck at it sometimes I think. Ok ok, why is it so hot here now? Ouch… is that a head ache that you’re having? All ok?? You’re killing me up here with steroids. Take it easy.

Me – Yes. All ok. All will be ok as long as you decide to stay there. Thank you for letting me lock you up inside, I know at times it is suffocating. I know how you feel when my head explodes. I know how you feel when I make love to another man and you are right there seeing it happen. Making it happen. I know how you feel when I see you in person and I can’t say a word to you but you’re already reading the thousands of love letters that I write holding your hand. I don’t know if I will have the guts to say all of that to you even if I get a chance to. Will you be a darling and tell yourself that? Will you tell your real self that there is this woman who is madly in love with you and that she will never be able to tell you that? Will you tell your real self that deep within her, you will always remain forever. Will you tell your real self that…

Mister – You may need a tissue dear. You’re starting to tear up, I can see it more clearly from here.

Me – yeah. Thanks. Just tell your real self that without you, I will cease to exist. I love you. You complete me in a way I couldn’t have done it myself. Thank you for letting me fall in love with myself every day. Thank you for reinventing the wheel of admiration after all these years. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life as well. If you didn’t know it already, it means so much to me. This non-existent relationship that I share with you will always be the closest to my heart. You may drift apart tomorrow. Find someone else. Maybe you already have now. I don’t know what to know. I don’t need to know. I shouldn’t know. With whomever you are, be happy and spread love like you always do. Spread beauty just like the rays of the evening sun does on the smallest of bushes that felt ignored all day. Spread happiness in spaces that find it difficult to live in this mad mad world. And lastly, I know you never read my blogs and articles. You have better things to do. Better things to stand up for. But be known darling, my writing may be good, bad or ugly but it will always be YOU and it will always carry a piece of YOU.

Mister – ermmm.. ok that’s it? Done with the letter? Submission date is when? Oh by the way, you do know Nandhitha and Poornima are participating in this competition too right?

Me – yeah so?

Mister – Nothing baby. Winning isn’t everything ok. Just saying. By the way, I love you too loose.

With lust and dashes of love,


[P.S – This post has been written for Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers]



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