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The joy of pain.

Pain is a great leveler. It is the only thing that helps you elevate to something higher. Happiness on the other hand, stagnates you. It makes you stay where you are. Pain gives you the joy of discovering yourself.

The joy of wrapping out your layers within you to disclose who you are and what is that that makes you. Pain exhibits your naked soul while happiness decorates it with the thoughts of things that make you happy.

Pain questions you as to why you are in pain which happiness fails to do. Pain explores unopened doors that will allow you to understand the reason of why the pain is still within you and not willing to leave. Pain brings a sense of closeness with the person that you are experiencing the pain with. That person might not be physically with you, but the essence of pain that you attach with that person, brings that relationship to life. It creates a ripple effect of how it was. However good or bad it was, it stays inside refusing to let you move anywhere. Once you let go of the pain attached to the person, you will slowly start letting go of the relationship you had with them and thereby letting go of the person from your mind and soul.

Once you let go the person from within, you will be able to look at the person as an external source. Once you do that, you will start experiencing a sense of detachment. A sense of vacuum filling up within. An empty space that is all of a sudden created inside. The joy of filling it up yet again with a sense of happiness is something one has to experience. Pain is the symbol of growth. It is a sign of reaching from point A to point B. It is about pushing your soul and mind to experience things and feelings that hasn’t been  done before.

Pain is more relatable. When someone cried to you about losing a loved one or a break up, you relate to it. You somehow understand how it feels. You might not have lost someone or gone through a break up but somehow magically your mind relates to the pain and you console the other person about how it’s going to be okay . Imagine the same person sharing a moment of happiness with you. A proposal or travel to a foreign country. You feel happy for that person but the relatability factor is far lesser compared to that of pain.

Don’t run away. Face the pain that you are going through and let it grow in you for only then you can grow out of it.

Pain beings humans together. Pain is magic. Pain is beautiful. Pain is joy. Celebrate pain.



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