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The cigar in your hand.

When the sun decided to soak itself in the warmth of the ocean.
I looked at my empty shoulders and consoled it for no reason.

I danced all night in my favourite black dress in a room full of people.
Even the furniture knew all along that it was you that I wanted to sample.

As I watched the rings of smoke that found its way out of your mouth.
I wished I was a cigar to live my last between your lips without a doubt.

Your eyes carried pages of stories that great novels are made of.
Oh darling, to look at them and to not devour them was quite tough.

What is nature what up of? Water, air, earth and fire they say.
I looked at your palm, touched it and felt the same kind of way.

I want you. All of you. Every single atom that makes you, YOU.
As I come closer, I see your shadow move away with all its hue.

Your hair slides through my fingers like the water from a river.
Your mind is like an old rusted box of treasures that gives me the shiver.

Don’t love me as I have enough of that. Destroy me gently from within.
We don’t belong to one another and we have an end, but right now let’s just begin.



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