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Art meets Beauty!

When most of us were busy deciding what jewelry to wear for the evening date and where to buy,  Minu decided to make it herself! ! Minu Marie Mathew is the director/founder of ART-ERY. Her style is unique and each of her jewelry has a character to it. From quirky to classy to antique to crazy, each of them comes with a story, a story of love, passion and respect to the art.


I had a short tete-a-tete with Minu on her journey and here is an excerpt of the interview.

1) What provoked you to get into your field?

Hailing from Trivandrum, a society which gives priority to Engineering and Medicine, I am grateful that I got an opportunity to choose a skill based line of education. I have always wanted to do something which I am passionate about. I have a degree in Fashion Technology and a post graduate degree in Merchandising. After 6 years of working in retail I felt that this was the right time to follow my passion.

2) Why ART-ery and meaning behind it?

More often than anything we get asked the question “Why the name   ART-ery?” When we started the brand, we commenced our Facebook page with the brand message “Express your inner self with a piece of ART and celebrate the woman in you”. Besides serving us as a tagline, that little summary is the essence of who we are and why we started this brand.
The words ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ are often misunderstood as qualities possessed by people who buy designer labels or read high-street magazines. That isn’t what ART-ery is trying to provide. We think your inner self is beautiful, stylish and fashionable. We don’t want to do anything to change that, we wouldn’t dare! We’re here to help you find that inner self. There’s fashion in your blood, fashion in your arteries! And that is the message behind the name ART-ery.
The added emphasis on the word “ART” in our name denotes that we’re extremely selective when it comes to our product range. We’re simply a place that takes pride in housing and appreciating art. Our products are handpicked or handmade to be statement pieces that let a woman be herself. Every woman being beautiful and unique requires every product to be crafted beautiful and unique. With a range that spreads across necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, anklets, bracelets, arm cuffs, headbands, home décor and more, we meticulously ensure that each of our products embody art, style and elegance.

3) What are you aiming to achieve through this?

Our vision for ART-ery is to embrace diversity and everyone’s individual style. Fashion is something that’s already in you, be proud to celebrate who you are!
I want ART-ery to be synonymous with women who stand up for themselves and are proud to be who they are. I want ART-ery to be household name and not just a name printed on a carry bag or accessory tag. To me the message behind the brand is as important as the brand itself.

4) Your designs are one of a kind. Where do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration has always been travel. It keeps your mind more aware and open. Most of ART-ery’s collections have been curated personally by me from Indian and International Markets. We also have a handcrafted range fashioned in-house.

5) Do you look at collaborating with someone else?

I think it is important in the initial stages to create a niche for yourself defining yourself better, spreading the brand message and try to reach as many as possible.
Maybe in future if we align our brand sensibilities align then for sure.

6) If there is one person you would like to gift your product to, who would that be and which product?

I think it will be Lady Gaga. I find it inspiring how effortlessly she      redefines fashion and style. I will probably give her something from our new arrivals in Arm cuffs.

7) Who is the competition in your field? There are any big fashion houses doing this too. How do you stand out?

I have never really come across someone who is exclusively into fashion accessories except for Claire’s. Mostly accessories are part of their label. At ART-ery, we deal with all kind of accessories ranging from necklaces, rings, earrings, bangles, anklets, bracelets, arm cuffs, headbands and scarves. Also the pricing is our USP.

8) What is the word of advice or suggestion to those who wanting follow their passion?

It is very important to have passion and do what you feel like doing. There will be a lot of reasons stopping you but it is important to follow your gut feeling.

9) What beauty means to you?

I am glad that you asked me this question because I see a lot of young girls not being happy the way they look or displeased about their skin tone or hair type.
I am quite on the skinny side and have a dusky skin tone which in our country is not the first choice to define someone as beautiful. I have been proud of the way I look and have always embraced it. ART-ery is for every woman who is, who she is. We will give you a piece of ART to embrace who you are.

Catch a look at their collection and buy some LOVE for your self and your dear ones. They are loud on social media and can be reached in any of the following mediums 🙂

Facebook – 
Craftsvilla  – 
Instagram  –
Blog – 
website – 



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