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You are my autumn.

Since when did you decide to be my  autumn?
Shedding skin and spreading love in random?
If love was blind, you would be my braille.
When it comes to you, resistance is too futile.

The feeling of eternity at my first sight of your whole.
Oh dear, you’re the chicken soup for my soul. 
You are sealed and taken, so I was told.
Oh please, since when did the moon get sold?

You’re not the cliché tall dark and handsome.
In the prison of my thoughts, you’re the finest ransom.
You’re at a distance of the sun, which I know.
But it’s because of your light within, that I glow.

In my world of English, you’re the syllable.
Damn, who thought I would get so gullible.
Many a times my mind gets into a mayhem.
But whenever I see you, my soul goes  ahem ahem.



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