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Inside your grave ..!

Amidst a crowd , I long for some solitude.
Nobody understands the pain of this magnitude.
Love is everywhere and it almost looks too easy.
The desperacy to withdraw from people has left me all palsy.

Is this OK? Is this normal? I ask my broken soul.
In a world of greed and creed, I look like a fool.
Are you looking to rescue me from my innermost abyss?
Don’t come any closer, I might burn you with my remiss.

This wall that I have built of dark chocolate and wine.
Come near me, hold me tight and tell me ‘you’re mine’.
When the sun gets hidden under the bed of white pearls.
I wish I could roll myself into a ball of knotted curls.

Don’t love me too much. It doesn’t last more than a moment.
Pin me down. Lock me up. Make love to me on the pavement.
I’m a messed up pound of flesh, nothing that a man would crave.
Oh dear, but I’m just the kind that you’ll want inside your grave.



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