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Black and Blue.

The golden rays of the sun dawned upon my window.
A time when I trembled to see my own shadow
My dress ran like chiffon, with flowers covered in black and blue.
Little did they know my skin had the same kind of hue.

I was naïve, stupid and flustered, all at twenty one.
How was I to know that he wasn’t the one?
Floor ran red because of my legs that he spread.
The clock struck seven, I returned to my heaven.

Why did I stay? You ask. It wasn’t easy wearing the joker’s mask.
I begged, on his feet that I fell. Nothing tasted as bitter as this hell.
Let go of me please, my body said. Enough it was been fed.
The mind refused to give up, fresh coffee and tears filled my morning cup.

An old shawl, rattling fan and a broken stool; Oh dear, I was nothing but a fool.
I tied my hair with a bow, a summer when my mind was filled with snow.
Looked at him in the eye and I knew it was time to say goodbye.
Dusted my butt, put on red lipstick and here I ‘am looking nothing less than majestic.



mindless thoughts & thoughtless mind...!

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