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Oh dear, never say never…!

Quotes come and go, let’s not complicate this more.
You aren’t mine and I am not yours, lets open the unused doors.
Love, lust and they clap; Oh please, let’s not believe in such crap.
In a world full of need and greed, in us lies my creed.

We are not forever my dear, but your soul will be my souvenir.
Say my name, let me hear it. It’s better on vapour than on a piece of paper.
I don’t promise you a tomorrow, but our now will be anything but sorrow.
Let this not slide and let this not grow, lets this not but smell of fresh coffee brew.

We are not mild as the flies or wild as the elephants, we are as basic as the bonobos.
We don’t share a finger or the neck, but without you my mind is a wreck.
I don’t want to wake up with you in the morning, the vacuum you create is loathing.
Your face is not the last I see in the night, in my life, you are the only twilight.

Karma is all about drama, let’s ditch the social stigma.
Destiny or not is a far cry, let’s just get wet and dry.
Let’s not dig into our history , dear what’s life without some mystery.
We aren’t meant to be together, but darling never say never.



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