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September rain…!

I’m not your September rain. I’m the December snow.

I’m not the best bloomed rose in your garden. I’m the leaves of the autumn.

I’m not the perfect rainbow. I’m the missing pieces of the half moon.

I’m not the laced wedding cake by the window. I’m the crumbs of the broken cookie.


I’m not a well-made satin bed. I’m the cushion on the floor.

I’m not your 11’ O clock dream. I’m your 4 am shooting star.

I’m not your yearly calendar. I’m your February 29th.

I’m not the French window with a view. I’m the crack of the glass that oozes sunshine.


I’m not your melody, rock or the morning raga. I’m the sound of the forest.

I’m not your shakespheare and Tolstoy. I’m the last page scribbling of your notebook.

I’m not vodka, tequila or wine. I’m the last drop of mist stuck on a rock.

I’m not the white gown on the aisle. I’m the torn pieces of wilderness.


I’m not the dusk or the dawn. I’m the confused evening twilight. 

I’m not your well-toned abs. I’m the scar on your shoulder.

I’m not Berlin, Paris or New York. I’m the lone hut by the mountains.

I’m not the woman from Venus. I come from the galaxy of broken stars.


I’m not the landscape, lakes and lusciousness. I’m the crooked road leading to infinity.

I’m not the pages of your novel. I’m the crumbled bits of paper in the corner.

I’m not your sculpted dream body. I’m made of mountains, rivers and forest that grow deep.

I’m not your seven sins. I’m the nerve that sews through your soul.


I’m not your perfectly timed pout. I’m the chipped toe nail polish.

I’m not the unending tresses. I’m the knots of hair at the end.

I’m not the vulture or the peacock. I’m the one legged nightingale by the window.

I’m not love, lust or greed. I’m the depth of your core.


I’m not fair, slim and beautiful. I’m a broken piece of china.

I’m not your past, present or future. I’m your now. 

I’m not your piece of modern art. I’m the paint stuck on your sleeves. 

I’m nothing of what you need. I’m everything of what you want.



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