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Kick the bucket!

When I was five, my bucket list was to get on my dad’s back and order him to carry me around. At the age of ten, I wanted to learn Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam. When I hit 15, I wanted to marry Nick from Boy zone. When I was 21, I wanted to go to the movies, do dinners and look cool. At 26 I wanted to travel. At 30, I wanted to start living.

That’s how the bucket list changed from time to time. I bet yours kept changing too. We all wished for different things at different age. When in Rome, the bucket list would be to visit India and when in India, the bucket list would be visiting Paris.

The list keeps getting longer and before we know it, the 1st page of the list would be long forgotten. The items like ‘make friendship with someone new today’ when we were 17 and ‘fall in love’ when we were 24 wouldn’t make it to the top 5. Our bucket list would be to buy a house and once you buy a house the next would be to buy a house by the beach. Once you strike off buying a car, you would want to buy the Audi. But did you take a rain-check on those items that never got upgraded? Or rather didn’t need an up gradation. Things like making friends, falling in love, being nice, helping someone in need and eating a family dinner, did you check these off your list or they went down on the priority as the others took more importance?

We are so busy adding items to the list that we forget to see the most important things in life are outside the list. Most of the bucket lists include traveling to a particular place, eating a particular food, buying a luxury car and so on. But really, are these what makes up life to be? We are so caught up in the race to check off items in the list that we often fail to invest that much time in ourselves and people around us.

You have a new item on the list – “Scuba diving in Thailand” and miss all the dinners and lunches with friends around to save up for the trip. You get to Thailand, do your scuba diving and take videos, photos and post it online, get likes and comments and you’re on a high for few days and then? What are you doing the following week? Planning on your next item on the bucket list?

I agree having a goal is needed for you to achieve it. Unless you have an aspiration to do something or go somewhere, you will never work towards it. But, that’s not the end of all. There is more to life, more than just a list of things to do on a piece of paper. Ever wondered your parents list? your loved ones list?  When you were so busy planning your next item, they were busy planning yours too. You see, the item on their list was YOU. How does that feel? Being the bucket list of someone else? Good right? But you know what feels great? Having someone on your list! That’s when the circle of life is complete.

Unless you have the urge and passion to do something in return for someone, what is the purpose of life my dear? It could be small or big, I don’t know. Start doing, but before you start doing, start noticing what others do for you. You will be amazed to know how much you are loved. The sense of gratification in doing things for others to see them happy is a high that no alcohol can match up to. Always focus on keeping yourself happy and permeating that happiness to others around.

I remember my bucket list having things like straight five T-shots in a row to wearing a LBD to buying a car. For the record, I did all all of them and checked it off my list but what next? I was left empty again. A sense of belonging and satisfaction didn’t sink in. I came back to square one. What do I want next! Wasn’t sure, didn’t get a grip of things I wanted until I knew things weren’t the ones I wanted. It took time to understand the things that mattered in life and how those things aren’t the ones that we go after. The best moments in life are the ones that are never on the bucket list! It’s those small, intense, funny, passionate, stupid moments that make together into something called life!

So take time to look outside the bucket list. Life is where you don’t see it to be. Live right here, live right now. Tomorrow is for the sunshine and sunset. You and I can aren’t immortal, so let’s keep life that way! You and I will perish one day, until then let’s cherish the moments we get to experience. Be it a flower blooming or a bug making love or helping our granddad with his medicines or changing someone else’s life, they all make up together as life!

Fill your bucket with love, hope, faith and belief. That is all that’s needed to live another day. For everything else, there is MasterCard.



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