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Cut copy paste!

This is a conversation that took place between my hair dresser and me. This happened around 12.30 pm today. I had to put this into writing coz it really was some food for thought. His name is Vishnu and works at a salon in Chennai as a hair dresser.

Me- Vishnu .. how long is this process going to take ?

Vishnu- Three hours ma’am.

Me – Ok. Why don’t u have lunch in between .I’m hungry too.

Vishnu -No problem ma’am. 

Me- Where do I buy Sc****f serum ?

Vishnu- It’s available at Page 3 or Naturals lounge.

Me- It’s not pronounced that way vishnu.  It’s pronounced as l-o-u-n-g-e vishnu.

Vishnu- Sorry ma’am.  BE third year discontinued, too much English I don’t know.

Me -BE? Why which stream ?why did you discontinue?

Vishnu – I studied BE ECE in Fomra Institute of Technology . Didn’t like ma’am. Too much pressure to study well. Studied diploma but that also wasn’t interesting but finished it.

Me- What did you do after that?

Vishnu- I worked in Wipro for four months as network engineer in server room. Trouble shooting and all.

Me- And ?

Vishnu- And i quit. 

Me- Why?

Vishnu-People are so stupid. If laptop dosent switch on they book a call. They wouldn’t have even switched on the main button.

Me- Ermm. ….ok ..that’s why you left ?

Vishnu- I didnt like IT job. Somehow wasn’t satisfying .

Me- But the salary here is less na ?

Vishnu- Ma’am, IT job not guaranteed after 35 years of age. They ll ask u to leave home.


Vishnu- But even if you’re jobless , you need to have a hair cut to attend a interview.

Me – *slow clap in my mind*

P.s-I type this as he dries my hair.



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