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Why i do not want to marry someone like Induja…!

So, she took most of you by storm. In India, it is very easy to be noticed and become famous. Write or say something that sounds cool and non-traditional and there you are, the hero of the media!! Induja, a 23 year old single girl did the same and yay, she is all over the social media! Well done, my girl..l!!

For those of you who do not know what this is, I suggest you read before you read further 🙂

So when I came across her website or I would call it on Facebook and found the whole idea to be pretty interesting and decided to give it a read. I saw so many sharing her page and saying how much they connected with her.

Here is why I thought her idea was stupid and illogical…

Let me just assume for some time im a man… and give my suggestions on why I will not marry someone like Induja!

Firstly… Tomboy is not a gender. It is merely a characteristic one possess. Having short hair does not make you one. That is your personal choice. You are un clear about the gender you belong to and hence sweetie, I do not want to marry a someone like Induja.

Secondly… You are 23, and the reason you started this ‘website’ was because you did not want to get married to a guy through a matrimony website. Oh well, starting a website of your own to shout to the world what kind of guy you want looks less likely that you want to marry. Right Madame…? You could have written all this in any matrimony website, why take the pain to start something like this? You seek way too much attention but definitely haven’t got mine and hence I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Thirdly… Someone who is married to themselves is already married and hence I do not intend to remarry them, im sure they are happy with their current partner, if not they really need to meet a doctor for therapy. I do not want to disturb their current married life and I wish them good luck for life and hence dear, I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next… I want to marry a womanly woman… I do not want to marry a manly woman for sure… I do not know what you meant when you said you are not a womanly woman. The very logic of you starting a site to announce to the world on the kind of a man you are looking for makes you more womanly woman than most women. And, hence sweet heart I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next… I love masala… in my dosa and also a bit in my life. Else, I will become too bored and too numb. I love TV… I love to watch a game of football over a mug of beer and I also like watching the 9’ O clock HBO movie. It is a definite break from my other pressurized corporate life. I see that you hate masala and TV , and hence my darling I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next… can you explain what this means? “Friendly but do not prefer friendship?” since when did friendship become a preference? I thought it is something that is natural. If my to be wife cannot be my best friend with whom I can fight over the last piece of red velvet cake or argue over cricket or football, there is no point in marrying then. I have a huge set of friends who over for weekends, now nobody will want you to ‘make friendship’ with them. Hence my dear, I do not intend to marry someone like Induja.

Next… You had mentioned that you love start-ups and you hate multinationals. May I ask why? Is it because this is your first job and you know nothing about how multinationals function? If the start-up you currently work for becomes a multinational, will you quit the company and join another start-up again? How lame can you get? You clearly are too young to talk about such things. This is precisely darling, I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next.. Your blog, sorry your ‘self-matrimony’ said that those who hate kids will carry extra points. Well, you being one yourself shouldn’t really go this far dear…! At 23, you know nothing, let me reiterate NOTHING about kids or having one. It is not cool to say you don’t like kids! You should just go back to watching the latest episode of “2 broke girls”. This is why I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next… You are looking for a bearded man? Well, im a man with beard as an option not making it mandatory. You know beard looks cool on us, no doubt marrying a person based on this sounds kiddish, oh well, I forgot it’s you, so I’ll let it pass. When it comes to standing in court, not sure if this would be much of a reason for your alimony. This is why dear; I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next…. Should be able to hold a conversation for 30 minutes with you? I also read in one of your blogs that you are a loner and for the most part of your life, you live with yourself? Err.. ok.. Oh I forgot.. You are married to yourself right? Yeah, so that makes sense to me. Anyway, being a loner yourself, im not sure if I can hold three minutes of a conversation with you, forget thirty! This is why sweetie, I do not want to marry a girl like induja.

Next.. You would prefer someone who is flexible to his parents but better if he is NOT a family guy? Ok, how much more should one write to prove they are being a complete moron? I mean, you are being really oxymoron here. A guy who is flexible with his parents in what way? And what do you mean by he is should NOT be a family guy? If you did know, marriage is family too. I suggest you read the wiki please! This is why senorita, I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Next… I also see that you want someone who earns for himself (err…. So you won’t take the dinners he pays for and the clothes he pays for?) ..and also someone who does not hate his job. Well, honey you lost 90% of your audience here. How the hell does it matter to you if I hate or love my job? I will keep you happy irrespective of my project meetings and its deadline. Oh what do you know about it, you are just 23! This is why Miss, I do not want to marry someone like Induja.

Lastly… English has evolved from “Kind of” to “Kinda” and you are further taking to saying “Kindah” sounds so uncool to me and I definitely do not want to marry someone like Induja!! You wanted to come across as cool, chic and the modern girl of the youth of India today, if you really thought so, oh God save our country! I think you need to take time to know yourself before you even decide on what dress to wear for the party tonight, marriage is a far far away thought sweet heart! So don’t get so worked up, get yourself together and finish that blog on Justin Bieber that may suit you! Marriage is for adults, you clearly do not belong there! 🙂

I think you “Kindah” got a feeling of what im trying to say!




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14 thoughts on “Why i do not want to marry someone like Induja…!

  1. Criticism is at its best here ! Awesome. I don’t understand, what is in Induja’s brain. What is the point portraying yourself like this on the virtual world and capturing all the attention? Well, immaturity I believe!

  2. I am completely with you on this! And I’m going to post this on FB so people get a perspective on this. Going by a 20 (acting 16) -something’s opinion on women and marriage is just plain silly. And making it sound like the voice of the young women in the country is bordering on bizarre!
    You totally nailed it! Cheers girl!

  3. How I wanted to mention many things what you said. Just that I feared would be labeled as an old fashioned male chauvinistic pig. Not that I am worried about what others think, I am just too tired (and perhaps old) to prove people that I am not :-).

  4. haha. good job. I wanted someone to say all that plus more. But lets not crucify the poor girl. Bcoz she must be a alien. I understand her tradegy. but i got her. she really needs a servant instead of husband. shud be flexible with his parents, family man for her parents, shud earn for her while she shits on sorry sits on trees. Like her like she is
    ……but she likes a bearded brad pitt. Doesn’t like kids and her parents said the same about her i guess . Does not want to work in Multinational, REALLY.
    Maam facebook was startup now it can be termed multinational,

    Wake up monkey Madam, Get to the real world. stop living in dreams and on trees.
    Try buying a house atleast in nallasopara.

  5. Much enjoyed this post, as much as I did the others too (was just ‘driven’ to, after reading this post).

    Am way too lazy to even comment when I see a page like that…”People want to survive. I want to live.” – really?? how judgmental, that others ‘want’ to survive, or is that all you’ve seen in life? THAT’S THE BIGGEST TURN OFF, HONEY! LOL, they were in quotes & bigger fonts.

    Well, her scream for those 15 mins., I guess.

    Just express, why impress?

  6. I feel pity. The criticism is at its climax. She is only 23 and you seems to be much senior by age. It happens at the age. things will settle by time this way or that… Let her live the way she wants. Time teaches things in its own way. Everyone has to live the life… The way it comes whatever one feels.

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