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Have you made it BIG?

So when was the last time you looked at your pay slip and frowned? I hear many of you mumbling “last month” 🙂 well that’s how content we all are ..! So this is the routine,You get your pay check on the 31st and on the 7th your account looks like an empty plate. Dosent it? Yes, I see you all nodding…! House EMI… Car EMI… and the list are endless…!

So much of peer pressure right…? “He has bought a flat so I need to buy one too…” “His flat is 1000 sq ft so mine should be 1400 sq ft.” When is this list ending? You get a pay hike this year and once you get a hike, you start looking out and ask for 25% more on the pay hike that you received a month ago. And once you settle in your new job for some time, you want to again look for a better job with a higher pay. We keep doing this in circles and by the time we realize this we have circles around our eyes!

So having an own house, a fancy designation, a fat pay check makes you BIG in life? Are you sure? Think again! Does your job define you? Your designation defines you? Your house defines you? Are you taking them all to your grave or will they all exist after you die? Anything that you don’t take along with you when you die is not yours and it does not define you. I wish people know this. I’m not saying do not buy a house or a car… We all need these today; they are as basic as food and water but then boasting ourselves to have made it big through these sounds cheap.

The other day I was talking to someone and she said “Sharada, im 27 and I have a pathetic career and my salary is so depressing that I do not even read the credit message every month. I do not know where I’m heading and I do not know what to do.” And I told her this… “What you earn is not what you are. It is as simple as that. You are what you define yourself within you to be. Has Abdul Kalam made it BIG in life?” I asked her and she said “of course, what a stupid question”. I immediately questioned “What was his monthly salary? Do you know if he owns a house or a car? How do you know he has made it big?’ and she did not have an answer.

Now, if you read his wiki, there is this very interesting line “He was just a simple man with a great fierce heart in his childhood” now this is such a powerful yet simple message. HE made is BIG in life because he did not associate himself to his degree or work or salary or house. He made is BIG simply because he tied his purpose with a common purpose. Abdul Kalam never kept telling people “hey I have made it BIG”, it showed and it’s as simple as that! Paying EMI for your house is your bloody duty, how the hell is that making you BIG in life?

If you tie your purpose of life with a common goal, you will automatically be noticed not for how much you earn but how much you make a difference to someone. It is so simple. When I see people blowing their trumpet that they have a fancy job and a great career going, I only feel pity for them. Pity because their mind works within four small walls and fails to get out.

Don’t bother what people will say. It is ok if your cousins earn more than you, don’t bother. It is ok if your classmate has bought his own house before you could even think of buying your first car and boasts about it to you, just laugh it off and be genuinely happy for him.

Let me give you a small tip for making it BIG… 🙂

Do a good deed… every day or every week or every year.. Depending on how soon you want to become BIG. Don’t count your deeds, just multiply them. It could be as small as helping a neighbor with her grocery bag or as big as donating organs, the size of the deed does not matter. The universe does not measure it that way. Every time you do a good deed, just look within and you would have grown a bit bigger. And one day when you look within, you would have grown so BIG that you cannot contain it within, it will come out, it will show and people will notice and that is when you attain your purpose of life. That is when you can proudly say you have made it BIG.

You know I failed in geography in my 9th standard. It was a bad situation at home. But somehow survived … I did not get the course I wanted in college because of my XII marks, but yet I survived.. I got fired in my first job… I had an abusive relationship… A failed marriage… I earn a salary nowhere close to my peers… I do not have a own house… and yet I can proudly say I’m on my way to making it BIG in life… I don’t have a count of what good deeds I did but I can surely say I have done my part in making people lives happier.

So it is ok to be a failure in your studies or job.. Strive hard on it but don’t lose hope on yourself if you have still failed. Nobody bothered to ask Sachin or Mark Zuckerberg why they dropped out of school. They had a purpose and they went after it.  Maybe you’re confused about your career… Maybe you do not have one.. Maybe your girlfriend left you for a rich guy… Maybe you haven’t figured out what you want to do in life.. Maybe you know what you want to do but you do not know how to get there… Don’t fret… relax… life will find its way!

Don’t listen to what others have to say, they always will say something… “Dude, get a job…” “You need to start taking life seriously” “You are fat” “When are you going to buy your own house?” … DON’T LISTEN… Have a ‘halo’ around you and keep walking and keep doing the good deeds in life… One day you don’t need to tell anyone that you have made it BIG.. They will know it themselves…!

So when next time someone asks you “Have you made it BIG?”, just smile and say “You will know when I make it BIG” and move on…!!


PS: I would highly recommend you read Biographies of Abdul Kalam, Hellen Keller, Mohammed Ali, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Anne Frank.



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3 thoughts on “Have you made it BIG?

  1. That’s quite an absorbing post here – the way it flows from one design to another, yet conencting back to the roots at the end of it all. //Have a halo// – that was the highlight for it’s something I could totally resonate with. In fact, this topic has been in my to-write list, though I do have an ever so slightly different viewpoint. Maybe, sometime.


  2. Good one to read early in the morning…as I started my day… Truly said… Not to worry about worldly possessions which people count on us ..rather we can live to satisfy and help others… Doing a good deed is the ideal way to move ahead as people like Mother Teresa, Gandhi did it not for reputation but for the LOVE which they had for other souls.. When I was reading the Bible one day.. it said ‘Love your neighbors as you love yourself’.. how many of us do that… I wonder if some people bother about themselves first .. juz keep running behind this hectic life… worrying about worldly things… So do I… but changing towards achieving the BIG!

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