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The blogs that made it to the top….!!

TOP 10 blogs for 2014

So I wrote around 49 blogs in 2014… wow! never thought I would write that much 🙂 here is a look at what caught the reader’s attention 🙂

Return of the Madrasi Series

I can’t thank you all enough for this. What started off as three chapters has crossed 15 chapters now and I know I haven’t written in the last few months but I promise to finish this in one go in the next three months. I had almost two thousands of you reading this series, gives me Goosebumps. And then a surprise awaits you all on this next year… can’t share much now though 🙂 READ about the series here

10 reasons why Tamil girls are the best

This was a surprise…!! Many of you liked it and some of you did not agree to it!! 🙂 Most of them were based on my observations of people around me. But im glad this made to the top 10. forgotten about it, read it off here…!

Ten pointers to be a best friend

This was fun writing… I had a lot of ‘young’ girls writing to me about how they relate to this… I wrote this post in a jiffy because it was all there in the mind and I really did not have to think to write about this…!! brush your memory here 🙂


This was a detailed blog. This came up after the rape case in Bangalore and when a section of the society started to blame the lady for it. I talked about how women are constantly being judged in the society and it is not easy to survive and definitely not easy to retain your identity when it can be lost that quickly and hence this post… read it here 🙂

Stairway to Heaven

This is a very emotional blog. The techie in Chennai was raped and murdered and this angered me to no extent. I wrote this wiping my tears like a teenager. I did not want to write another blog kind and was thinking how do I start this and that’s when the idea of writing to the victim herself came up. The title came up because I was listening to that song and also it was kind of apt for the message. Read through here if you haven’t read it before!

Myths of a working woman

I had to write this. I owe this to myself and many others like me. There is a strong mis-conception about working women and what they can and cannot do and I wanted to break that and hence this blog. Many of my working friends loved this!! 🙂

South Vs North

This is my personal favorite. I so loved writing this. How this idea came up? I heard a guy who is migrated from Delhi to Chennai talk about how bad the city is and how boring it is to be here and how our breakfast is sad etc. So I definitely thought I should write about it. So many of my fellow Madrasi friends and the other south Indians loved this blog so much!! 🙂

The Goddesses

I wanted to acknowledge the fellow ladies in my life which I did not do before. I took this as an opportunity to do so but never thought it would make it to the top 10 most read blogs. Right from my school until my workplace.. the ladies who stood by me and some who chose to leave.. Im always a tomboy.. I feel comfortable around boys because it is so much less drama and straight forward. There is no bitching or judging your hair do, but then I did have a handful of ladies who remain my favorites as well! 🙂 read off lovelies….!

Nothing but S-E-X

Not surprised at all to see this here 🙂 when I told my dad im writing about sex, he told me im a bad person and I should know what decent topics to write about ! ha ha, im laughing even now thinking of that conversation. I wanted to write about SEX because it was getting so over rated and yet so hush hush at the same. I’m glad people loved this…!

Victim turned survivor

A blog very close to my heart and a blog that I was emotional and proud writing about… Writing about self is the easiest and the most difficult thing to do… This blog was a great self-reflection for me… I relived my life in bits and pieces… it was amazing to read this…. i had few of you writing to me personally saying how moved you were reading this…!

But do you know which my favorite…is? “Genie of my life” 🙂 I absolutely loved writing this because I don’t write about family members and I was so tempted to write about my father because fathers are so under credited and I wanted to give all the glory to my appa…. I had so many of you commenting and liking it…but the best thing was when my father read it, he could not stop smiling and that was PRICELESS…!!!

So, there it is…my journey into scribbling for the year 2014…. and oh did I mention it has hit 20000 hits…?? 😉 Cant wait for 2015 to begin, the mind will be well marinated by then 😉

Cheers and have a fabulous 2015 🙂



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