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The year that was.. oh wait.. not yet…!!

The year is coming to an end… another to begin and I look back (ok I just ‘look’, damn you English Nazi’s) at how this year has ( ok ok, ‘is’…) been..

January: Single and Jobless

February: Got a job and proposed to the man.

March: Met the Fockers and he met the parents.

April: My line was engaged.

May: Ran around the city for Hair & Make-up artist and wedding photographer.

June: Spent the evenings at Ranga Mandira for wedding dance rehearsals.

July: Married the biker.

August: Set up the house for parties and more parties.

September: Two states – the story of my honeymoon. Rode 1600 kms to kerala..

October: Mundane. Work. Cooking. Husband. Parties. Cousins. – the ROUTINE.

November: Lights. Camera. Action. Was Busy acting in a family short film.

December: On a ‘only wine’ diet.

On the whole, it has been an awesome year…. Kickass, fun, funny, emotional, dramatic, love, love making, romance and what not.. cant wait for 2015….!



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