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Out of the world…!

I finally watched the much talked about movie …!!!

Most of the reviews were given by our pasanga (soup boys) who did not understand “Hey ram” but thought interstellar was brilliantly told. Never mind… ! 🙂

In school, I failed physics and last night physics failed me. (Those who know ‘Friends’ will relate to this).

What I liked about the film ? Everything ! I mean liking is different from understanding … I understood ‘Hey ram’ but did not like it .. Something like that kind of a difference u know..!

Two men getting into a fist fight in a far far away Galaxy looked funny to me, men will be men I guess …! 🙂

My concentration was to the T until the last twenty minutes started and then somehow I dint know which planet I was… I guess I need to watch it again to know what I missed understanding the first time … The problem with ‘Interstellar’ is that if you do not understand the plot, there is no written material / book to help u understand it ! It’s that simple and blunt!

It’s a movie that’ll make a great topic for a night out with friends over beer or within four walls in an air-conditioned vessel sipping coffee …

Interstellar is a visual orgasm that you experience multiple times,the thing is men experience it too .. 😉 It is a movie that makes you want to learn or at least give a read on physics and also will make you love Newton much more than before…

Did I understand the movie completely ? No I did not … I did not have a clue of what was happening in the last twenty minutes … And where they were and which planet it was .. A friend of mine told me “you need a different level of IQ to watch Nolan’s movies …” You are wrong mister , you just need IQ to watch his movie …! The point is you need to have IQ…!

What I loved loved loved about the movie is Mathew McConaughey was brilliant in every frame. You cry when he cries as a father.. You laugh when he trips on TARS.. You get angry when he is been cheated/back stabbed by Dr.Brand/Dr.Mann.. The thing is you feel his journey all along and you want him to get back to earth in one piece …

Anne Hathaway, Matt Demon and Jessica Chastain were par excellence.. My favorite pick was Jessica.. Her longingness to see her father and also her determination to crack the code until the end was beautiful and just gives us all an assurance “to go for it no matter what” kind of a feeling …I fell in love with “TARS”.. You know he is a robot but his humor is robotically funny .. He is a man of steel and he proves that till the end !

I will watch the movie again, this time concentrating on the logic alone .. The first time you are so blown away with the visuals and acting that you might overlook the logic behind few frames in the movie …

So this is my review of the masterpiece .. It is easy to make a movie that already has a reference of a book…. Movies like “two states” and “three idiots” which were supposedly india’s finest .. But to make a movie of this magnitude that requires years of imagination and research and no one particular book requires a standing ovation and lots of “whistle podu” .. Nolan has nailed it … He has made the best but just that he could have made it a bit better 🙂

Next time you walk across a book shelf, just knock 🙂 you never know !!



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