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Count your happyness :)

When life throws lemons at you, make vodka out of it! It is that simple, actually. Day in and day out, I see people talking, posting, tweeting their problems and liking/sharing other people problems and it makes me wonder what is with everybody!

Each of us thinks our problem is bigger than the others. “You have no idea what I’m going through” is what we all say! If I ask everybody to throw their problems into a pile and ask you to take your pick, I bet you will grab your problem and run away before someone else gives you theirs! That is how it is! Do one thing, list down the problems in your life and beside that list down the joys in your life, if the lists of problems are longer than the joys, you are the reason for it, if the lists of joys are longer than the problems, you are the reason for it.

Playing the blame game doesn’t work in the thing called ‘life’. It is your life and you need to know which coin to move. Playing a bad move and losing it is your fault and nobody else’s. Clinging on to something that brings you misery and frustration makes no sense; you either solve it and move or swallow it and shut up. Cribbing about it to everybody around will not only make you look like a loser/joker, it will only multiply your problems two folds!

You cry, you shout, you run, you sulk, you die… and why, because you don’t want to face that problem that is prevailing in your life right now. It is so huge that it makes you look so small! Ok, my question, who created the problem and who created you? Which is big? You or the problem…? Of course, it is YOU!

In this journey called life, there will be all sorts of people. Some will want to jump in for the ride and get down when the road starts to get bumpy. There are some who constantly judges you for your driving skills but still doesn’t get down. There are some who looks from outside and waits for someone else to give a ride. There are some who will throw stones at you, who will puncture the tire. There are some who will tell you how to drive, where to go and when to put that break and then there are some who sits by you no matter how bad the weather is, how bumpy the road is, how irritating you are, they will stay put until you reach your spot!

It is up to us to know who these people are, at times we might not realize we are with the wrong person, at times we might want to kick that person out but not sure how. Don’t fret, you don’t need know the answers for all the questions you have about your life. At times, it is best to not know the answer and go where the road takes you.

Life is not a manual with preset terms and conditions. Do not worry about where it takes you, you will reach where you intended to. Fretting on Facebook that your life is pathetic is not going to make it any better, you will get some likes depending on your gender and some sympathetic comments and they will turn back to their desk to finish that project report. If at all you want to say it out, look into the mirror and do the talking, I assure you, he /she whom you are talking to will be patient enough until you are 🙂

Someone I know told me once that “life is a bi**h”, I told him to screw her back..! 🙂 On a lighter note, that is what you need to do!! Your life is a reflection of you! If you’re sad, so is your life. If you’re happy, so is your life! Don’t make it so hard for you to live it; unlike candy crush we all got just one life!

Don’t wait for Christmas to dress up all purple, do it early! I mean, that’s just a metaphor, now don’t look for purple! Don’t take it too hard on you! Relax a little, breathe! The nature will give you winds if you forget to pay your electricity bill! Spend more time with your family; your boss will not make you a cup of Horlicks when you are sick!

Travel where you want to. Fall in love, fall out of love. Make love not war. All you got is one life! Wear what you want to wear. Ghosts can’t wear ‘Prada’. Make the most of ‘NOW’. Did you know cats have nine lives? Did you also know you are not a cat!!? 🙂 Ok that is a bad joke, let’s move on!

The bottom line is, live and do not exist. Did you know the difference between you and this laptop you are reading this from? It is in the same company as you are; same place as you are, but yet there is just one difference, you live and it exists. Don’t make that one difference fade away as well.

Let’s do one thing, every time you think you are happy, put in some coins/notes in a piggybank, just keep filling them whenever you think life is happy for you. Similarly, have one piggybank to fill in coins/notes whenever you feel sad or when you feel life is unfair. Whenever you think is the apt time(maybe yearly), open both the piggybanks and count them. The money that is collected in the happyness jar is for you to spend on whatever you love. The money that is collected on the misery jar is for you not to touch. The more you collect in your happyness jar, the more you will get to spend the money for yourself, to pamper yourself for leading a happy a life! 🙂

So go ahead, count your happyness 🙂



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