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Alone ? Think again…! :)

Life teaches each of us different things. It teaches us small and big things, as small as how a coffee can be your best friend and as big as how to deal with societal pressures. My life hasn’t been a roller coaster but a merry go round, only hundred feet above the earth. There was a period in life when I had to live it all alone, physically too, something that I never had the courage to attempt in the past. Living alone taught me many things. A few that I would like to share here.

A day has 24 hours???

The first thing that changed for me after starting to live alone was I realized I had more time than I had ever before. How is that even possible? Did the hour per day ratio change? NO! it was still the same 24 hours but when you start to live alone, you will realize there is more time than before and you start to wonder where was all this time earlier.

Make or Break…!

Being alone can make you face the war or be thrown against the wall. It makes you what you need to be or it breaks to what led you to get here. It is important that you sculpt yourself well enough to go through this. It isn’t easy. You are here because life has not been great, you are here because you were forced to be here or you are here because you chose not to put up with the drama that happened earlier. Whatever the reason might be, you are here alone but remember being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. They are two different things and it is important you know that!

I love myself….!

The biggest discovery of being alone in life is that you get to know who you are and this is such a brilliant phase, something that I absolutely loved being a part of. I never realized how good a person I was until I spent time with myself. Not bragging, but just stating the plain truth. When life gives you an opportunity to live alone, grab it and utilize it to your benefit. You get to know who you are a little more and believe me you will fall in love with yourself. Don’t shy away from knowing yourself more. Let me tell you that nothing can come closer to the happyness of knowing who you are. It’s a fabulous journey!

Looking back….!

All of us look back and wished we hadn’t done that and maybe we could have done that. Don’t we? The ‘if’ syndrome drowns upon us than ever before… ‘If’ only we had not spoken to that person, ‘if’ only we had listened to our parents and so on. We all go through this and those of you who live alone go through this much more. This either makes you sulk with guilt or gives you an opportunity to correct yourself and be a better person. I chose the latter and I’m so glad that I did.

Never board the guilt train…!

In continuation to the previous point, being alone teaches you to look at things in different perspectives. You start to think maybe you could have been a bit stronger in that situation, maybe you could have gone a bit easy on that person, and maybe you did make a mistake that you did not have the courage to agree to. These questions will not only make you think but also make you change and believe me the change will come without you putting much effort into.

See the change you want to be…!

When you start seeing your past being played in front of you, film by film, you have the remote in your hands now. You can pause, rewind, stop and think the options that you did not have while you were going through that situation. You will know where you went wrong and where you need to change. You will start becoming the change that you think of. The best thing is you don’t even realize that you are changing, it becomes your routine and becomes natural and most importantly, it becomes YOU.

Be +ve…!

When you change and start liking who you are, you will automatically start attracting positive people around you. It is just amazing how you see the goodness in almost everything and everyone…! When you start seeing the good in everything, you will start to become the positive person that others inspire to be.

Rekindle that lost passion…!

This is a great thing of being alone… You have all the time for yourself that you finally get to see what you missed in all those years of being tied upon to something/someone. That childhood passion that was going into coma within you, those dreams of doing things that you always wanted to do. They all magically rush back to memory, don’t ask how, it just does. You start going where you want to and start seeing what you want to and most importantly start doing what you always wanted to. Be it theatre or gardening or kick boxing or music, you will find time and most importantly make time to do what you always loved doing.

Friend or Foe..?

Amidst all the drama that was happening around you, little did you find time to know who your friends are, isn’t it? Well don’t you worry; this is the best time when you find out that!! For me, it really was. I made some and I lost some and more importantly I knew who was who. When you see people more clearly with much more clarity, you get to see the real them and their part in your life. For me, my biggest change was becoming closer to my parents which I had ignored all the years prior. I made some of my closest friends during this time and I also lost some of the closest friends in this time, it is a brilliant journey that is worth traveling through.

Happyness is everything…!

When you start being happy about life, you will come to know all that matters is that and nothing else. It gives a sense of completeness to you and a feeling of fulfillment. A feeling that cannot be expressed through words but something that needs to be experienced in person. A feeling that helps you love yourself a little more, a feeling that makes you fall in love with life a bit more every day. I experienced this and I have never had a single day from then on when I haven’t been happier.

So, if you are alone and if you feel life is not fair, think again. You will discover a journey that only you can travel and experience. A journey that will unravel the mysteries of life, A journey where you will lose yourself only to find yourself later on. Never let go of the experience, sit back and enjoy it and make sure you talk about it to others as well.



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