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Prostitution, unlike masturbation is not a one person’s job. It requires at least two people for the act. Whether either of them performs or not is not the question here… So what was that you liked or disliked about the recent news? The one where the actress was mauled mentally for prostitution? While every news channel tirelessly showed her face and the clips of how she got caught, little did anyone really bother who those businessmen were, though a small section did come up with a list that was not so taken seriously…

While I do have my empathies for her, I also adore her courage for having answered the questions thrown at her. So whose fault is it really that she bears the name of a prostitute? Was it her fault to have believed a few ‘men’ who promised her a career for some money in return and left her nowhere later? Was it her fault that she was left with almost no option but this to earn the money to pay her bills? Or was it the fault of her family for being non supportive towards her ordeals? Nobody prefers to be a prostitute, having said that, I do not judge a women who would want to be one. My anger here is that, why are the men in question not being questioned and publicized as much as the woman here? It is because the headlines sounds better when read as “Actress caught for prostitution” rather than “Businessman caught sleeping with a prostitute”.

We don’t need to analyze why the men were in this place after all. No, we don’t need to know, all we need to dig is the women in question. Were the men bored with their wives body that they wanted to feed some young meet to satisfy their sexual needs? No, we will not ask that because that is invading his privacy, instead we will ask the women how many men she slept with because this has more public interest.

Was the man looking to hunt some fresh blood because he is old and has little opportunity to perform and hence takes his Viagra pills and shows how tall he can stand to the women whose name he doesn’t know of? No, that is being cruel; we do not ask such questions instead we ask the woman how much she charges for sleeping with a man, because this helps in women empowerment.

Was the man too greedy for more sex that he was hopping from one woman to another to quench his hunger for more flesh? You don’t need to know nor I need to know, what we discuss now is why did she choose prostitution? Yes, because she had ten career options and she chose this. This is what we need to know.

Whether the pimp who mediates the deals and makes money to fill his own pocket not bother if the woman in question belongs to the same gender as his sister/wife/mother. No, we don’t ask such questions, instead we debate how immoral the women has been and what a shame it is to have someone like her in the society that is filled with rats waiting to feed on the cheese that is not earned but stolen.

When I read the interview of the actress, I was emotional and angry. Why would a woman want to part her body day in and day out with different men and make money out of it, a body that was given by her parents, the body that was so well guarded and protected from others, why would a women decide to tarnish that for a few pennies? It is not money that is the primary reason here.

When a woman is pushed to choose prostitution as a career choice, we can almost be sure that almost all other workable options were exhausted before she chose this. There are so many reasons why she chooses this. Painfully one of them is that her parents push her to take this up for financial reasons. She did not have a great childhood, no proper education and if she really did one, there is no proper channel for getting a job, how different is a corporate world you think? Are the women left to have their self-respect intact?

Give the women an alternate job that pays her bills; believe me she would not want to sleep with different men to earn her daily bread. Self-respect is not based on the gender but based on your way of life. What do you call men who sleep around with women? Prostitution is a business that demands sexual relations in exchange for a payment or any other benefit. When there is a person to give money, their services are used. Try and stop going to them and keep your wife/gf happy. Eventually they will have to look at other professions, but then again who will embrace them as a part of the society? We will embrace drunkards, molesters, abusers but no definitely not a prostitute, she brings shame to India. Right? Can’t control the men and their nerves? Then legalize prostitution, at least then the rapes will come down. Men can go in the day light and quench their thirst and also help a woman to pay her bills instead of forcing a woman and raping her for his needs.

I’m not saying prostitution is a great career option for women who has hit the corner. All im saying is don’t be judgmental, if you are judging a women for spreading her legs to multiple men, you should also judge the man who is doing the same in spite of being committed to another woman elsewhere.

Like how Rani Mukherjee’s character rightly puts in “Mangal Pandey”, they only sell their body, the men sell their souls. Im not judging which one is worse than the other.



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