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Nothing but S-E-X.

SEX is so over-rated and the same time a taboo as well. Funny isn’t it? What makes this word so offensive, immoral and almost illegal too? Even when we type we refer to the special characters to beep the letters in it. Why? Why are we so shy to even spell out the full name? Is it because we are conditioned to believe it is a bad word? Or is it because of the changing times and the much corrupted society that we begin to relate rape to it? The ‘elders’ of the society keep it hush hush thereby making it sound like a secretive thing to do. Could this also be a reason for increased number of people having it before being legally tied together to know what the fuss is all about?

The movies that are classified as 15 years and above in other countries are classified as ‘A’ in India. Why? Is SEX in India any different than the rest of the world? Could this be the reason for the youngsters to be more curious about it and find out what is there in it that everyone around is prohibiting them from knowing about it. It is as simple as a saying “the more you forbid something, the more the curiosity to know what it is and why it is forbidden.

Why do we change a kissing scene when an elder enters the room? When I say ‘we’, read it as 30 years of age. When I asked few people, they told me it’s a form of respect. How? That means watching two people kiss is considered dirty or filthy? Why? These are open ended questions till date and I wonder if there will ever be an answer to these.

The latest statistics say that RAPE is the fourth most common crime committed against women in India. Around 24,923 rape cases were reported in the year 2013 and guess what, 24,470 of these were committed by a relative or neighbor. Remember when our parents told us to stay away from strangers? Least they forget to tell us to stay away from relatives too. Why? When we as a country are so Hush-Hush about SEX and highly moral and expect the women to not even utter the ‘S’ word aloud and safeguard her within the four walls, why are these happening in our country?

I’m not saying there is a direct relevance to SEX and Rape but I’m saying that the more you hide and suppress the whole idea of SEX, the more curious the person gets to know about it and execute it with someone. Yes, agreed Rape is committed by the opposite gender and SEX awareness is not needed but unless you have a open talk with your daughter about it, only then will she know the difference between the touch of sexual intentions and otherwise, this being Rape is committed by a known person. 7200 of the above rape are of minors, and it is also reported that they were unaware of what was going on as they had no idea if it is something good or bad. It is so important for parents to let their kids know what SEX is and what Rape is.

When a girl talks about SEX, she is considered to have sinned. Why? She is called names. Leave alone indulging in it before the wedlock, even talking about it in a forum is considered to be a sin. When did SEX become gender biased? In fact, SEX is a brilliant example for gender equality. It needs both the gender to produce an output, without one, the other has no meaning of existence at all. When the girl has SEX on the day of wedlock with the man she legally bound to, it is considered sacred. When she has it with the man she loves prior wedlock, it is considered a crime. Why and how? Is SEX to be had with the one you love or the one who are legally bound to live with? Can I go on to say that if men had a hymen, virginity would be a myth?*

Sexuality is a fact of nature. It is the basis of human structure. It could be mental, emotional or just plain physical. It could be with one partner or many. It could be with the opposite or the same gender. It could be pre-marital or post. SEX is not a bad thing when the parties involved in it enjoy the process and it is surely not a bad thing to talk/discuss about.

Kama-Sutra is an ancient Hindu text widely used to represent human sexual behavior. Kama means passion, desire and a strong urge for something and need not be literally SEX. Kama is one of the four important goals in Hindu mythology. Sutra means a line that holds things together. Now when you read this, you understand that it is not just SEX that is represented here but more of the transition and the passion shared between two bodies. It is more of love and passion and that is how SEX is termed to be and perceived but when the same was made into visuals as a movie, there was a outrage from the public at large on how ‘such’ movies can be made but the reality is that the movie is merely a visual representation of what Vatsyayana wrote in his book,

When SEX was considered more spiritual than the physical pleasure in the ancient times, why has it changed so drastically now? SEX was one of the major entertainment those days because the digital world had not evolved yet those times. What is wrong about it that most of the people around consider it a sin? SEX is a not a social act like a wedding. SEX is an art as much as it is science.

Is India ready for SEX education? The topic that is on debate for over a decade, the kids those who were in school while this topic was debated have gone to become adults now. But yet, there is no result on nationalizing this in schools in India.

SEX is a divine thing, It is not bad by any standards. Talk about it openly, it is ok. Nobody can arrest you for it. Being open about it and knowing about it is far better than not knowing and sulking and indulging in unhealthy and wrong ways of doing it.

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