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Power within you !

Once upon a time, there lived a Grandfather with his Grandson in the woods. They were leading a calm and a peaceful life. With the river flowing on one side, the nature gave them perfect company. One day, the grandson came running to the grandfather who was sitting by the river and feeding the fishes. “What is it my dear?” asked the grandfather. “Grandpa, I have a question. The other day I was playing with my friend at school and during the play, he cheated me and won. How can someone do that? Is it allowed?” he asked. The grandfather smiled. “Come here son. You see, I will ask you a question and you tell me an appropriate answer alright? There are two wolves, a good one and a bad one. As the days went by, one wolf got bigger, stronger and more powerful while the other became pale, weak and had no strength. Now tell me, which one of these wolves got stronger?” asked the granddad. The grandson was thinking for a long time and did not know what could be the reason for only one wolf to get stronger and the other to become weaker. “I don’t know grandpa. Please tell me” he said. Grandfather looked closely to him and replied “the one who was fed”.

What a simple but yet powerful story that is, isn’t it? Now substitute the wolves to thoughts. Our mind is filled with millions of thoughts. We all have so many thoughts that we do not know which one is more important than the other. From the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, our mind is constantly working. Now imagine feeding the bad thoughts and ignoring the good ones. What happens? The bad thoughts gets bigger and grows faster and occupies more space in our minds as a result the good thoughts become weaker and smaller and end up being suffocated and eventually die out. The only person to control this is YOU and nobody else for you are the only person who knows which thought is growing and which one is dying. This may seem too small and simple but doing this on an everyday basis takes a lot of persistence and determination. Try this, try feeding only the good thoughts and don’t bother about the bad thoughts for 21 days continuously no matter what and see how life changes and you will see a certain amount of progression.

If you are stuck in traffic, instead of feeding your mind with how late you are going to be for work and how much you hate it being stuck in traffic, try listening to music and how best you can organize your work and cope up the delay. Look around and enjoy whatever there is. You are anyway going to be late, why feed your mind with it? This will only spoil your entire day as your mind is progressing with the negativity that you have fed in it. One thing you should know, never blame your mind, your mind is nothing but what you put inside it. It is as simple as a formulae in excel, you can’t expect it to calculate 4 if you have keyed in 2*1 instead of 2*2.

A friend of mine was telling me how upset and frustrated she is in life and how much she hates being like this. I was curious as to why she is so negative all the time and asked her what the problem was. The reason she told me shocked me, not because it is a huge or small but how a silly negative thought can change the way we think and act. She was telling me how her ex had slapped her a year ago and how humiliating it was and the fact that she was not able to get over it. I asked her few questions for her to understand why she is feeling for something that happened year ago. So I asked her ‘how it felt when he slapped you’ and her reply was ‘it was humiliating’. I repeated my question again to her ‘How it felt when he slapped you’ and this time she got a bit irate replying the same thing with a higher tone of voice. I asked her where he slapped her and she pointed to her cheek. I asked her how much does it pain in the cheek now and she replied saying it is not the cheek that is painful but the heart.

That is when I told her a little bit about the power of sub-conscious mind. You see, though he had slapped her on the cheek, the pain would have lasted for a few minutes and then it would be long forgotten. But, the impact that the slap made in the mind is still persisting and thus increasing the pain of the incident that took place long back. The mental pain that one goes through is far more harmful to the body than that of the physical pain. For example, my friend here has been suffering with the pain of the incident for over a year and this increased her stress levels which was a result from all the worry and frustration of the incident. By worrying yourself over what has happened with someone, especially someone who is not a part of your life anymore, you are giving that person a remote to control your life without physically being in it. This is far more frustrating and harmful to the mind and thus to the body as well. Letting yourself go from the situation is the best thing to do. I understand it is not an easy thing to do, but if you give yourself that chance to redeem from it, life is so much beautiful. You need to detach from the situation that caused you mental or physical damage and move ahead. By doing so, you are also detaching from the person who caused you the mental or physical pain.

I was a very negative person. I always had thoughts that were making me weak and dull. This affected my overall wellbeing thereby being a hindrance for my work and personal life. For a long time, I was wondering why things aren’t happening the way it should and where is the problem and I realized it was all within me. The moment I knew that I’m the only person who can control the way I think, I started to change slowly but steadily and I saw a drastic change in my life. Not that I’m 100% positive now but I have changed a lot and I have seen how my life has drastically changed to the better. It is as simple as a thought. Plant good thoughts and feed them every day and they will go on to become the banyans guarding your mind from all the dirt and filth around.

I’m not sure if I have written too much gyaan but thought I should pen this!




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