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Break-up excuses …!!

Lame break-up excuses by girls today:

I’m sorry, my parents are particular I marry a guy with 20 LPA and not lesser. I checked your pay slip and you’re short by 2 LPA. But I love you so much.

I’m sorry I thought you said you are going to the NY in two years, now you tell me you got a project in Arizona. It is too hot a place to live, I’m sorry but I love you so much.

I’m sorry, but my friends feel we don’t make a good match when we went for the dinner party the other day, apparently they feel you lack dressing sense. I’m sorry but I love you so much.

It’s not you sweetie, it is me. You deserve someone much better. I’m sorry but I love you so much.

Right now, I need to concentrate on my self-development and my space, I need a break. I need space. I don’t think we are heading anywhere. I love you so much but I think this is it.

I love you but somehow I’m not in love with you honey and I realize both are different things.

I’m sorry; I always looked at you as a brother. I realized it when we kissed. It’s over. I love you so much.

I think I was in rehab the whole of last two years, was I dating you? I think you are mistaken. But I’m not the one. You look smart though.

Lame break-up excuses by guys today:

Oh my god, is that you? For a minute I thought I’m dating your mother. But honey you have put on too much weight and I don’t think we both would be a good pair but really no offense meant here. I love you and wish you well…!

Commitment scares me my love. I don’t mind being partners for life, but why should we get married? We can stay this way forever. But I love you sweetie.

You are not a Hindu? I guess our love blinded me. My parents are particular I marry someone form my caste baby. But I will ensure you get a good partner and attend your wedding.

Our preferences on the bed don’t match babe, this is not what I was looking for in a girl. I’m sorry but the man who is marrying you is one hell of a lucky guy.

I don’t think this relationship is working, its only been five years but I feel it’s moving too fast, let’s put a pause to it for a while.

I don’t like this exclusive idea. Why don’t we look at other people and check how compatible we are and meet after a year to take this forward? But be known, I’m forever loyal to you.

I think I need to concentrate on my career right now and you are my biggest distraction. You are too gorgeous and I cannot handle that. I need a breather.

My dog died and his last wishes were I marry a girl with the same eye color as his. Im sorry honey but I swear I want to marry you but I love him too much and this is his last wish and I have to fulfill it.

These are not targeted at anyone and needs to be taken in a lighter note:)



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