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10 reasons why Tamil girls are the best…!

1. Our needs are simple.
We don’t crave for extravagance in life. Be it in anything. We like to keep it simple. We do not over analyze things. We can lead a happy life with the basics in place. Right form our food to our clothes; we do not crave for luxury. Give us a plate of idli and a roof above and we will be happy.

2. We are happy people.
We by nature do not crib too much. We are happy with simpler things and small things make us happy. We are individualistic as much as we are dependant. We do not crib or nag for petty things unless and until you serve kurma with dosa instead of sambhar. Now that’s a crime.

3. We are not greedy.
We are self made and content with what we have, though we are ambitious we are not greedy enough to take someone else’ success and claim it to be ours. We are happy in our space and content with our lives. But wanting to have 50 kancheevaram sarees is not greedy; it is just basic you see.

4. We are generous.
Yes, we are very giving to the extent that we give others our rights at times. We somehow have a knack of giving the control of our lives to someone else sub consciously and though we know we are taken for granted, we sacrifice it to the loved ones. We give without expecting much in return.

5. We are loud and loved.
We are loud and that makes us transparent. We don’t carry home (except masala dosa) any feelings. We are honest, straight forward. We say what we feel and don’t carry hard feelings within and that makes us free spirited as well.

6. Fun is what we do.
Fun is our third name. What? Second is our father/husband name na? Be it any party, we Tamil girls have a knack to have fun in our own unique way. We love dance and music and it is an integral part of our lives. Be it slow illyaraja or a fast kuthu song, we invent steps that nobody else can. We love grabbing the attention in any party.

7. We are adaptive.
We are extremely adaptive by nature. We can live in 40 degrees and 4 degrees and not crib about it. We do not fuss about if the weather comes to 26 C from 22 C, we adapt well and we take pride in saying that. This shows in life too, be it a Villa with Billa or a Hut in a Mutt, we are very flexible to the surroundings.

8. We swear by it.
In a fight? We are the first to rescue you. We know all the swear words well and do not shy away from using it if needed so. We are fiercely honest and we will not let anyone take you for granted. If someone comes your way, give us a call and we will ensure he/she will get a piece of our mind and body as well.

9. We are protective.
We love our loved ones and would go to any extent to protect and stand by them. We are known for this quality. No matter what discomfort would occur to us, we will go out of our way to protect the people we love and ensure they are safe at all times. Have us around you and you can be rest assured you don’t need a bouncer.

10. We are world-wise.
We know about politics as much we know about potato. We can cook and rule a country too . We tamilian girls are well versed with what is happening around. We enjoy a game of cricket in a crowded stadium and we clap away a game of golf too. We love gossip as much as we love GDP.

So the next time you see a Tamil girl, don’t salute her but just hang around and u will never regret 🙂



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