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Spot the 6 differences :)



Current Salary:

Current location:

Open to Relocation:

Family particulars:

If you thought the above details were ripped off from a job site, you are completely wrong. These are taken from a matrimonial site. This is just the beginning of the silliness, I tell you.  Let us look at the similarities between a job site and a matrimonial site.

Similarity 1:

In both the services, there is the free and paid membership, which means if you cannot afford to pay to find your “dream job/partner”, you have to settle for just browsing through the profiles and cannot contact any but in some cases you can just send an interest that you would like to be considered. Similar to the Dog and bone theory it is. Now don’t ask me who is the Dog and who is the Bone. I leave that to you.

Similarity 2:

You can filter your search based on your preferences. If you do not want your ex partner/company (at times current too 🙂 ) to know that you are looking at moving out of your current role/company, you can block them. See, how simple life is made…Tada…!

Similarity 3:

If you are a Paid member, get your personalized true match finder. They will match you to the desired job/partner. Their main job in life is to find a job for you. How selfless, you see. They will be constantly on the lookout for the best jobs/partner for you and make a list for you to review and reject or short-list. Once you short-list, you can go ahead with the various rounds of interview.

Similarity 4:

The profile you present and the profile the employer wants is never a perfect fit. The key skills you enter is in most cases more than what you are capable of, Yet you ensure you feature in most of the search results by the elite members by being the premium job seeker.

Similarity 5:

Once you get short-listed for your ideal job, the consultant will be more worried for you to get the job than the actual employer. Only if you are worthy enough to find your true partner, they can display the news on their website. If you reject them, no problem, a back up is ready. They will ensure they are behind you until you choose one.

Similarity 6:

If you get selected and join the employer for a long-term commitment and if the employer comes to know that the information you provided in the site or during the interview is not right or if they find you not performing your tasks to the fullest, your contract will end. What happens post the contract is not their problem. Their job is to only show you the suitable employers, it is your capability to spot the right one among those.

Well, you can substitute the words employer, job and consultant to suit to the matrimonial terms. But all said and done, marriage is never a business deal to decide by matching the CTC and company. It is a lifelong commitment of the heart. No divorce (or I can say very less) has happened because the partner was earning a lesser CTC or did not own a house. The reasons for divorce are not the lack or mismatch of what is given in the website, but the ability to understand and love our partner beyond those pointers.

The points such as Love, Understanding, Forgiving, Compromising, Trust and belief are the most important for any marriage to flourish and cannot be quantified by any of these websites. So please do not blindly go by what the profile on the website says, for marriage is not a membership, but a choice of a lifetime.

Cheers 🙂



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