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Death, God and a big brown cookie.

I looked around, the blue sky looked beautiful than ever;

As my fingers ran through the passing clouds, I felt the chillness in the air;

The birds flew by me and I was waiting to catch up;

This is a sight I never dreamt of my whole life;


I thanked the stars as I passed by them, they twinkled in joy;

Looking down, the earth looked like a giant chocolate cookie;

With nuts floating all over it, it was a delight to watch;

I was no longer grounded, for I got my wings to fly;


My throat was dry and I wanted to drink some coke;

‘Open your mouth’, he said and the heavenly waters quenched my thirst;

The taste of life in every drop, this I wished does not stop;

The body was free, from all baggage’s and price tags;


‘Is this me’, I wondered seeing my image in the mirrored cloud;

He smiled at me and I said ‘This is what belongs to you and nothing else’;

The journey was long, but the cloud I was sitting on glided through the galaxy;

The traffic was less except for the fellow birds and the Boeing 747 from far;


My sleep was disturbed by a noisy cloud trying to get past me;

A woman so fragile and weak, trying to keep up with the journey;

Her legs soaked in dirt, eyes in misery and heart in gold;

She looked at me with a smile, ‘ah the race I knew’ I thought;


‘Where from are you’ she asked lying on her well cushioned cloud;

‘From the same cookie you were baked in’ I said with a smile pointing downward;

The conversations ranged from potato to politics, filter coffee was missing though;

She was 36 years old, lived in a slum and picked garbage for a living;


“What did you do” she asked sipping some water from the heaven;

‘I did pretty much the same thing, except my slum name was MNC’ I said with a grin;

‘You see back then, i could never touch a vehicle, sitting on it was a dream’ she said;

It pained me hearing that, how cruel the cookie has been in charring her life;


As the journey went by, the clouds were beneath us and the sky opened up its gates;

Four handsome men dressed in dapper suits came by to escort us inside;

The welcome drink was way better than the TGIF martini, the place looked divine;

‘I hope you enjoy your stay here’ he said as he escorted me to my room;


She was given a similar room except hers was in yellow like she always wanted;

The door opened and she was smiling in glee;

‘Oh my god, I wanted to buy this necklace but I knew I never could’ she said;

‘This place is heaven’ she said, well what an irony, it actually is I thought;


As curious as a cat, I rushed to open my room to see what it looks like;

The door opened and I walked in, painted in black and dark pink as I always loved;

Few rugs on the floor, a note book, few pens, filter coffee, and a music player, that’s all that was there;

I walked past them and a saw a window with a view to die for, oh well, ha ha 🙂 ;


‘Isn’t this what you always wished for’ he said with a smile in his tone;

I turned back and there he was, standing tall, the creator of us all;

‘I sent you to spread love and you did that and hence you landed here’ he said;

‘So that is the only criteria to be here, I have sinned too you see’ I said with a cheesy smile;


He came closer and put his arms around me and looked toward me;

‘The love you spread surpassed the sins and there are people down there smiling because of you’;

I had a tear and he wiped them gently saying “oh, no drama here please’;

‘Gods must be crazy’ I thought to myself; 

Death is a great leveller;

It puts us all on one platform;

It puts us all back to where we belong;

It takes us back to our creator;

It gives us wings to fly;

It gives another journey to travel;

Death is what you and I share;

Death is what keeps us all together; 



mindless thoughts & thoughtless mind...!

4 thoughts on “Death, God and a big brown cookie.

  1. This kinda made me feel good. And you definetely make people smile and most of them will fight with all they have with the creator or whatever to make you stay with us. Some despise living, some celebrate death but to put it subtly like this, I wonder whether you are a 90 year old or guruji running an ashram.

    //With nuts floating all over it, it was a delight to watch// loved this.

  2. Great work Sharada 🙂

    Be it heaven or hell,
    Life or death,
    Fairy-tale love or doomed romance,
    Arranged marriage or love marriage,
    Best friends or worst enemies,
    All that we earn or all that we blow up,
    The smiles that we spread or the unintentional tears that we create,
    The sins that we commit knowingly or unknowingly,
    Eventually it all ends and begins on this good earth.
    In the final journey to the unknown,
    All that changes is the 21 grams of the soul that lives within,
    It shifts from our body to another!!!!

    The medium changes – but the journey continues! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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