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Well this blog isn’t about who is god and who isn’t; this blog is about the ladies in my life who made a difference for the best. The ladies who according to me are Goddesses, each of them have an avatar. Each one of them made a mark in some way, BIG or small. But they all left their foot prints.


These are my school goddesses. The first set of girl friends I made. The girls who don’t judge you for a chipped toe nail polish. The girls who don’t talk behind you, but to you… The goddesses who forgive and forget almost all the bad qualities in you and just focus on the goodness in you… The kind with whom you can sneeze and blow your nose and not feel embarrassed about it. The kind who would accept you for who you are… The kind to which you don’t need to Photoshop yourself… The kind who you meet after 15 years but still look at them with an image of how they were in school. Blessed I’m to have some very good friends in school who are to-date traveling in the journey of life. To-date, I would rate the school days to be the best.

WHO? – Viji Lakshmi, Saliha Mariam, Sahtya Ramkumar, Lavanya Venkat, Khadija Beevi and few others.



These are my college goddesses. The ones who show you what fashion is all about… The ones with whom I tried the “Topical Iceberg” in CCD for the first time with. The kind who judges you, the kind who back-bites but also the kind who is honest enough to tell you if you look stupid… The kind that you discuss sex, fashion and boyfriends…The kind who makes you want to go back to school… Unfortunately my college days weren’t the best but I managed to grab good few of them with whom I have a good connect to-date.

WHO? Uthra Mohan, Roshni Agarwal, Yashu Agarwal, Ashwini Narasimha and few others.



The work goddesses. The time you come out of college and get in to the BIG BLACK WORLD. The time when you do not know whom to trust and whom not to… The time when the responsibilities increase as a lady… The time when you rent half your day with strangers… It is scary, especially in a world of today. Whom do you trust and whom you don’t. Being a woman in the ocean of sharks is not easy. The most dangerous are the fellow women colleagues. Thankfully I have had few colleagues who made my life better. The kind with whom you can discuss the problems with your boss knowing it would remain with them. The kind you just TRUST.

WHO? Rinku Christopher and Mitchell Dudani

WHERE? Can’t name companies.


The three idiots, which is how we call ourselves… The kind you meet in a different environment but realize you are better off as best friends than anything else. The kind who hears your personal problems and tells you it is going to be ok. The kind who gives your share for the group lunch if you have no cash and does not bother to ask you. The kind who sends pictures in whatsapp for every new dress, footwear, accessories bought. The kind who tells you on your face when you have gone wrong….The kind whom you want to wrap in your palm and not want to let go at all. The kind who adds so much positivity in your life….

WHO? Anitha Subhash and Swapna Ram

WHERE? ABC, Bangalore.


The firangi goddess… The world is one small place. The boundaries between the countries are in our mind. When you are just sipping your Friday night drink, little do you expect to make a friend for life. A friend who is much more than a friend… A soul sister, the twin… A kind who completely transforms the way you think about yourself. The kind who constantly encourages you… The kind you tells you how beautiful you are. .. The kind you draw inspiration from and the kind who empowers you by doing nothing at all. How blessed am I to have someone like her in my life.

WHO? Mae Flores.

WHERE? TGIF, Bangalore.


It comes a time in life when you need something more. When you feel something is missing and ponder what that is. A time when you are craving for that extra spice, the time you realize that spice is nothing but madness and being crazy. The phase in my life, when I needed someone who is just like me and to be with someone as myself… Then came along the crazy women who were not just as crazy as me but much much more… The bunch with who you can talk about periods, positions, other girl friends. The kind who are so crazy that it might become a crime. The kind who is just there for you no matter what… The kind who will turn into a monster if someone points a finger at you. The kind who will hate someone because you hate that person too… The kind who makes everyday living much better… The kind who is an integral part of my inner most circle and everyday life. The kind I call FAMILY.

WHO? Preeti Maneesh, Kinnary Patel, Shugufta Drabu.

WHERE? Bangalore.

Well well well, these are the goddesses who made a difference in my life and that too for the best. I’m just too glad to have known them and to be surrounded by them and I cannot wait to add more to the list for there are miles to go before I sleep, there are miles to go before I sleep.



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3 thoughts on “THE GODESSESS…!

  1. Oh! I too have all 6 goddesses :O I am lucky!

    1. Aisvarya
    2. Devi, Padma, Harshitha, Jyoti, Evan
    3. Christy
    4. Sounsiee
    5. Sangy, Sriju, Shreeni, Mausam, Bandana, Shristy
    6. Latha!

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