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What women want!

A million dollar question, isn’t it? WHAT WOMEN WANT.

Men and a few women have brought us a bad name, so to say. We aren’t as demanding as you think we are. We are equally demanding as a man is. That makes our demands as normal as a man, am I right…?

Ok, you ask me how and I will tell you my perspective and my opinion on the same. Remember as I always say, I’m as opinionated as you are.

Want no 1:

We like it, need it and want it as much as the men do. Vidya Balan nailed it. Why do you think sex is gender related? It is absolutely not. Just because we do not go around raping men does not mean we do not like sex. Raping is not the answer to wanting it more than us. Please remember that. Just that we are more civilized about it than the men. Our hormones work much more and multiple times too, if you know what I mean 😉 The basic problem with men is, you guys think we want everything else but one of the basic things we want is THIS. Get that in your mind, we don’t rape and show but we do kiss and tell. WE want you to know this.

Want no 2:

Diamonds are not girl’s best friends. I’m saying this is a myth. All I’m saying is showering us with diamonds and gold is not all what we want. If your woman is upset or says nothing, does not mean you have to impress her with diamonds. That is not what we imply. If our man tries and becomes out best friend, diamond becomes “the other woman” in our life. We want our man to be our best friend, as simple as that and there are no T&C to become a woman’s best friend. Just be as crazy as her and you win the trophy.

Want no 3:

We are not complicated. At times, when we say nothing there actually is nothing. Do not read between the lines and come up with your assumptions that something is wrong with us and make this an excuse to meet your friend over scotch to talk about how complicated we are. We WANT you to know this. We want you to understand that we are a simple species. When we say we do not know which restaurant to eat, we do not know. It does not mean we are confused. It means we do not know and would like to know your suggestion. It is Black and White. No grey here. We are not a cipher for you to decipher us. WE want you to know we are simple.

Want no 4:

When we cry, there is a reason. WE are not stupid enough to plan and cry. Don’t assume. Ask. The problem with men is you do not ask, you think asking is dangerous and hence tell us “everything is going to be ok sweetie”. This shit we know ourselves. If we are upset, we will tell you. But if we don’t, ask us why. We are not going to complain about your mother every time you ask. Maybe, once or twice 😉 We WANT you to not over assume.

Want no 5:

Space, just like you… We can storm the house picking up our coat (read – shrugs) too and meet friends over for a drink. But we do not do that. That does not mean, we do not need our time. We do not want to be glued to you 24X7 please. Why men think of us that way? It is you who calls us after being on site for a week saying you miss the food and sex. We can still survive without you. The fact is men are more dramatic, just that you don’t express it on your face but in action. Sometimes, just let us be. Do not assume we always want “us” time. WE want “ME” time too.

Want no 6:

Clothes… Look, even eve took time to dress up although leaves were all that she had. We WANT you to please know this. We love dressing up. You men can cover up your private parts and walk out of the door. We cannot do that. You abuse us for the time we take dressing up, but once we do get dressed, you men want to rip us on the bed. Accept it please; your organ is visible enough from the outside. No need to be two faced. We love looking good and dressing up well. Would you have fallen for us the first time had we come in our night suit..? NO right. So please, relax and watch the game of football until we get dressed. We WANT you to wait just like how we wait till you finish watching the game of cricket to come to bed.

Want no 7:

Read in a recent interview that Men find married women more desirable because there is a kick in eating the “forbidden fruit”. Remember the first forbidden fruit was eaten by Eve and not Adam. So we love the forbidden fruit as much as you do. The point I’m trying to make here is we have options too; we do not exercise it as much as the men do. So we WANT you to keep your ‘mouse’ in the cage. I do not think we are asking for anything much here. Just the basic thing called TRUST.

These are not the “7 deadly sins” that I’m trying to put up here. All I’m saying is women want the basic things in life. Do not typecast us. I for one HATE pink. It is of my least favorite color. A friend of mine prefers Whisky to breezer. Please understand we are all different people. Your friend’s wife is different from yours. DO NOT go by what your friend tells you. IF you become your Women’s best friend, you will know we are just too simple to handle, after all what is life without a bit of craziness, eh. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “What women want!

  1. Hmmmmm. Age-old stuff and even inspite of these multiple posts, men will never crack this. Again, not all men are so, some are balanced! I think men who have more feminity in them are able to understand a woman and almost always they are gays 😉

    Joy always,

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