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As I was walking down the road at 8 pm, I saw a whole bunch of men stare at me. Why you ask? Because I was wearing a single piece dress that ended a little above my knee… A young guy, 20’s something even made it a point to follow me till a point when I turned around and told him “Why waste two auto’s, let’s go in one. Saves money… The police station is just 2.5 kms, won’t take much time. What say?” and he walked the opposite direction in no time.

Remember those men staring at me..? Every pair of those eyes hash tagged an image of me. We women are constantly hash tagged and bucketed. The society decides which bucket we belong to. The society concludes who we are and what we do.

#The Slut – Women hash tagged in this category are becoming more in number by the day. Wear a top that shows a little of your cleavage, you are a slut. A man is dropping you off at 1 AM, you are a slut. Sitting alone in the bar on a Saturday night, you are a slut. Wear a red lipstick, you are definitely a slut. Wear a skirt that shows the dragon tattoo on your thigh, you are a slut. You could be just enjoying your life. You could be married and wearing that dress with your husband. You could be wearing that lipstick for a family function. The society does not care. You see, you do any of this and are sure to be called one. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who rub’s his hands against a woman’s back.

#The Flirt – This category is taken for granted. This hash tag and #The Slut hash tag is differentiated by an inch. By inch, I mean the inch of the clothing. You see a man at a bar; you tell him hi and start a conversation. You are a flirt. Does not matter if you are a lesbian. You initiated a conversation, and hence hash tagged. You are on your way in a bus and the journey is a long one, you talk about how bad the Indian roads are and there you are hash tagged as a flirt in his mind. It does not matter, if you were just trying to make a conversation till the journey lasts. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who hits on his wife’s girl friend.

#The Geek – I pity the ones in this category. They are neither here nor there. You are wearing cotton pajamas, khadi kurti, dupatta, plated hair and a pair of glasses with books in your hand, you are a geek. Does not matter if the books are on Kama Sutra or the Femina. The society decides and defines who you are. You are not cool according to ‘them’. This category tries so hard to look the way they think to fit to the society and I want to tell these women, please hash tag the society as #losers.

#The Old fashioned – Well, the geek tag and this is differentiated by a thin line and that line is called stupidity. Going to a temple on a Friday, you are hash tagged in this category. Take lunch from home to work every day, you are old fashioned. Does not matter if you are going for a Vegas themed party after the temple. According to the society, you are old fashioned and do not know a thing about fashion. I’m not sure how to hash tag men who wear rudraksh, dothis, performs bhajans and watch porn.

#Modern – The most confused form of hast tagging is this. Every second woman today is in this category. You wear a pair of jeans and you are hash tagged modern. Immaterial of what you think. I for one hate this tag; I do not even understand what “modern” means. How do you define modern? Please explain. Coz we do not know what it means. We dress in what we feel comfortable in. WE wear shorts on Monday and Saree on Tuesday, for us we are what we are. I’m not sure how to hash tag the men who wear blazers and work in an MNC and still expect the wife to keep the food ready at 1 pm and 8 pm everyday and serve him dutifully.

#Whore – The most mis-used name is this. It angers me. Boils my blood. Triggers me to kill the person. You date a guy and break up and date someone else, you are a whore. Why? Because you have slept with more than one man in your life. Does not matter, why and how the break-up happened. Does not matter if the man was a coward and walked away. Does not matter if you loved him with all your heart. All that mattered was you slept with more than one man and end of story. You will be hash tagged a #whore. Does not matter if you wanted sex as much as a man does. The problem with men is they think they wanting sex is natural and a woman wanting and needing isn’t natural. I’m not sure how to hash tag a man who is married and still sleeps with someone else other than his wife.

This blog may come out strongly to many man and few women too, but my point is do not hash tag or categorize us into anything. We are none of it and all of it. Do not suffocate us by bucketing us into tags. The more you tag us, the more we would want to break free from it and then we are tagged #rebels. We do not categorize a man wearing shorts or a suit. For us, a man is a man is a man. Women are meant to be loved and not judged.



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5 thoughts on “Hashtagged…!

  1. This post deserves a prize 🙂 Well-written – but remember not everyone is bad and not everyone is good!

    I love the concluding line – “Women are meant to be loved and not judged.”

  2. I especially loved it because i have been hashtagged in all of these categories plus the #rebel. Funny ain’t it.
    You write really well..just loved it. I am a first timer here, and you got me hooked.
    Loads of love and blessings. Keep writing 🙂

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