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Hindian cinema…!

I write this blog with greatest outbreak not only at the Indian cinema but also at the media for boosting the whole cult of just ONE language in India. Every award that India represents as a country, the language “Hindi” had become the only language that is been given utmost importance. I to-date do not understand the differences between so many “woods” in the Indian industry. The bollywood being the most over-rated film fraternity in the world.

Film fare – Every award has a south Indian rip off and I do not understand why. Why do you want to have a “Film fare awards – South” separately? We do not belong to another country. Aren’t we representing India as one? The most depressing thing is, the actors form down south participating in it shamelessly without fighting for their rights to have just one award show per say. The value for an award has reduced by a mile today compared to what it was decades ago. Today, every television channel has an award in its title.

Be specific, I say – Why do you give out “Best Actor” award to Ranbir kapoor/Farhan Akthar without attaching the language as “Best actor – Hindi”? When the awards are given down south, you ensure to say “Best actor – Tamil” “Best Actor – Kannada” and the list goes on specifying every damn language. Should you not specify Hindi as a language too or have you people taken for granted Hindi is the only language that India knows or understands?

IIFA – Indian international film awards. The title clearly says Indian right? Then why do you have only the stars that make Hindi movies sitting in the function? Why only the Hindi movies are nominated in the categories? Should you not nominate other language movies as well when you are having “India” in the award title? How can you promote a country’s films based on one language? The worst thing is, one or two south Indian actors are called to ensure the south does not feel ignored. This is pathetic and insulting.

The government – The IFFI (International film festival of India is an initiative by the DOFF -Director of Film Festivals, a government agency) which is one of the most significant Film festivals in India hardly has any south Indian flavor in it. I see Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif asked to inaugurate it. I do not see a Mamooty or Mohanlal asked to do the same. Have the festivals become media conscious to call those people who add glamour quotient to the event? Why is our country representing one language as the face of the film industry? Our government hardly does anything on this. Is it because of the political influence the bollywood stars carry with?

Media – The media only adds more fuel to the fire. I see so many shows in English news channels that have only Hindi movie artists participating. Why…? Is it because we do not generate enough gossips as much as them…? Why do you have polls of Best Entertainers and Best Actress and have only Hindi artists in the list of nominations? A director who made Kuch Kuch Hota hai and a director who made Tees Maar khan are in the nominations. Is this how you represent Indian cinema to the world? Have you not heard anybody else? should he/she also make a Hindi movie to be noticed?

Quality – The so called ‘A’ grade movies in Hindi or the so called Bollywood is cheaper than the B grade movies made in South India. The movies that have small time actors in south are of much more superior acting and talents. Houseful and Ra.One are stamped as First grade movies because of the stars starring in it. Well in reality, they lack class, talent and something called Common sense. There is no story, there is absolutely no story. All that the producers do is market them well and they know the public will fall for it anyways and always. I really pity the “Hindi” audience. I mean seriously, how dumb can a group of audience get? When I see a status message that says “Krishh 3/Ra.One is our answer to batman” and “Dhoom 3 is our answer to ‘the fast and furious’…”, I get extremely furious. Why don’t you make movies and say “This is our answer to Martin Scorsese” or “This is our answer to Meryl Streep”, is it because all you can show is skin and not talent?

I’m not against Hindi cinema, but I’m against the fact that it has projected itself to be “Indian Cinema”. Indian cinema is much more than “Ohh la la…” and “Meri paas maa hai…” I only hope the world gets to see it. You maybe the wood, we are the peckers.



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5 thoughts on “Hindian cinema…!

  1. Hindi Cinema was never about content. it was always about money. The awards associated with it are also about money and not about talent. See, if a good for nothing glossy paged overpriced magazine is to be sold in 4 states there has to be some common appeal. That is the cinema. Nothing more than that. Even child artists in the cinema would know that the IIFA is in mafia’s hands. It is used to dictate the directors and actors. Last but not the least, the advertisements and reality shows. The actor who is signed to a film also signs an agreement that says she/he will appear in all the reality shows in leading channels as well as the sponsor events to promote the film. This trend started after Sharukh’s film Don. Now the stars are even in comedy nights. I dont understand how the people would come to theaters if they are seeing these artists in TV all days. They deserve our sympathy but nothing else.

    P.S. Like all places there are few quality films which come out of Hindi as well. Either they don’t get wider release or theaters in those 4 states itself.

  2. An apt analysis of what ails mainstream ‘Hindi’ cinema.

    The last line should be ‘Mere pass maa hai’ the iconic line from Deewar!

    The unfortunate truth is that these movies overshadow smaller gems by the sheer strength of marketing, insane budgets, scantily clad women dancing, men displaying their gym-toned abs and exotic foreign locales.

    What this country badly needs now is a cultural revolution to bring out original literature, art-forms and cinema!

    I posted a comment on the ‘hashtag’ post and that’s deleted now 😦 !

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