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When I see the waves in the ocean:
I wash my sins a little more.
When I see the rainbow peeking outside;
I see my reflection in the nature.
When I see a charcoal beaten to a diamond;
I feel a thud on my head.
When I see a mighty phoenix;
I get burnt and then reborn again.
When I see a butterfly;
I go in search of my cocoon.
When I see a bird flying high;
I search for my wings within.
When I see a lioness taming herself;
I stroke my hair and smile.
When I see the hands of the clock ticking;
I suspend with my life and live a little more;
When I feel the tear in the corner;
I remind myself I’m not a tree.
When I see a lone elephant;
I go in search of my friends.
When I see the big Banyan tree;
I learn to bend towards humbleness.
When I see the Chinese bamboo;
I strengthen my roots within.
When I see my shadow;
I look for the light beside me.

I’m the ocean and the waves;
I’m the mountain and the caves;
I’m the pen and the sword;
I’m the hate and the love;
I’m the sun and the rain;
I’m the life and the death;
I’m the sorrow and the joy;
I’m the wind and the leaves;
I’m the Dharma and the Karma;

P.S – My attempt on something that sounds/reads like a poem. This is a reflection of self. This is looking inwards. This is ME. This is about me, the strongest woman I know.



mindless thoughts & thoughtless mind...!

3 thoughts on “Within…

  1. A laudable first-attempt 🙂 last line konjam heavy finish – ‘Dharma and Karma’ in the same breath 🙂

    May all that you dream and aspire for happen! Stay strong, keep smiling and blogging 🙂

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