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Ten pointers to be a best friend :)

1. You get a call at 3 in the morning . You pick up the phone knowing it would be a silly topic to talk. If you are married, you pick it up anyways and talk under the bedspread or go to another room 😉 coz it can’t wait till the morning 🙂

2. In a crowd, you support her and laugh at her jokes and encourage others to laugh knowing it is a stupid joke, But give her a beating when no one is around.

3. You know all the things about her. Her sex life, her PMS cycle, her mother in law torture and her husband’s new sexy lady colleague. Basically you are the shadow and the mirror she looks at times of sorrow and happyness 🙂

4. You lie to your other friends that you are busy doing house chores but secretly meet up and gossip about the other friends.

5. You are the only one to know many things that nobody else knows in her life. Not even her husband. You know her secret fantasies and fetishes and dark secrets.

6. You praise her boy friend when she is in love with him and curse him if they break up without even knowing whose side the mistake is.

7. You have a secret way to communicate that nobody else in the room understands. She looks at you and looks at somebody else and you will know exactly what she is thinking.

8. You will know when she is upset without her telling a word. You know the meaning of her replies. There is a difference between “K” “OK” and “OKIE” 🙂 when she replies.

9. You are among the first ones to like all her status updates and pictures no matter how stupid they are and when you do not like them , you get a What’sapp message asking you to like it immediately.

10. You both move on in life. Change cities. Change countries. Meet new people. Make new friends. But you are constantly being compared to the other friends and nobody is quite like you.

I dedicate this to my best friend. I won’t name her but she knows it is HER.

PS- To all the men, I don’t know how friendship works between two guys. Im guessing it’s far more simpler and everything is solved over a beer 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Ten pointers to be a best friend :)

  1. Nice read.. would’ve added a few more points.. 🙂 like she’s the only one who can tell you your fat without being your feelings.
    She knows when your sad from the slight sniffle in your voice.
    And many more..

  2. hmmmm…the ending is almost like a blog prompt to write the mens version…but anyways “informative” post..i could never have guessed points 4 & 5 if you hadn’t written them above

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