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Gods’ must be crazy…! :)

God. God. God. One or two.. millions of them around and at times i get confused whom to worship to get my prayers answered.

The very fact that people say be “god fearing” is the most negative thing to say….!

The word “fear” is negative; there is nothing positive about fear. Fear gives the other person the leverage to win over you. Fear is for the weak hearted. Fear is for people who have no faith, who have no belief in themselves. Fear is the most negative term used. To put fear alongside God is an oxymoron to me. We are all conditioned from young age to be “god fearing”, our parents tell us time and again to be one. It took years for me to know that fear and God can never go together. Where there is fear, there cannot be a God and Vice-verse.

Our projection of God is completely wrong. We take so much advantage of him/her (im yet to figure out which gender god is, pardon me for this is nothing to do with feminism). When a child does a bad deed, we are quick to say “god is going to punish you”. Please don’t spoil the child and please spare the God, he has no idea how the law works.

I do not believe God can be confined within four walls. He is as free as we are. Imagine four walls being built around us and asked to be living within them, tough no? I’m saying don’t go to temples, all im saying is don’t go in search of god when he actually is within you and all around you. Temples block huge spaces in a space crunched country. There are thousands on the road not having a roof above them, if you want to reach closer to god, build them a shelter with that extra money you have instead of building a temple. There are too many all over, let’s not over populate it.

Why do you build a temple? For people to come and worship God and get your needs fulfilled? Simple eh? Then why do you have only a certain section of people coming to it? Temples are only for people with money? God never said that. Why do you branch out different Queue systems? Free line for the poor. These people get to see God much later than the people with money. How? Simple..! Start a queue system and name it “Special Darshan” for Rs.100/- to Rs.10000/-. The more you pay, the faster you are to seeing God and the closer you are to bribing him to fulfill your wishes. What an idea Sirji. This is the reason temples are built today.

Why are we giving a wrong idea about God to the people and most importantly to our children? God doesn’t know how to discriminate. God doesn’t say, “oh well, he has come in an Audi, so let me answer his prayers first”. God is not an automobile expert, you fool. God made us, not machines. God understands us by who we are and not by what we own.  

The mother prays “please ensure my son passes his 12th exam with first class, i will do that 10000/- waala pooja to you. Son prays “Please god, i want to pray cricket, i do not like studying, i want to fail so that i do not have to study. I will donate some money from my first match i play for India”. Now what do you think God is..? A Lawyer? Whose prayers come true? The one who takes actions and not just prays. PERIOD. You sit on that thing for years and only pray, nothing will move unless you make an effort to. God pays for the people who make an effort to live their dreams, small or big. God pays for the people who help other people to live better.

The other thing that makes me laugh is the different duties of a God as classifies by the mankind. Go to that God in that place at that time and you will get a baby. Worship that god in that temple on that day and your debts will vanish. Perform a pooja to that God on that hill and you can walk again. What is this? God is running a hospital and a child care center? Suddenly he/she becomes a Gynecologist, ortho expert and a money lending bank. If you want your debts to go, work for it dude. If you want to have a baby, visit a good gynac close by. Stop torturing God for all your problems in life. God is a simple person. He/she will help you if you decide to help yourselves. Else, you are wasting your time and God’s time.

Let us stop portraying God to be a villain. He/she is neither a Villain nor a hero, he/she is as normal as you and me. He/she has a good spirit and does well to people.

I’m not saying there is no God, all im saying is remove those false perceptions you have of God and see with a clearer eye and a mind and God is much more beautiful, smart and giving that you can ever think of he/she to be.



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3 thoughts on “Gods’ must be crazy…! :)

  1. hmmm…recent’a tirupati trip poitu vandeengala? there seems to be a first-person rant in the aboe pos…anyway i agree with the point you make…god is not a bank manager for us to request loans from him…if praying constantly is the only way to get god to do anything for us then i hope such a god is just imagination

  2. Thats a lovely write up👌👌
    most of us, want things instantly and lack patience to work hard and work our way towards success….

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