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The guy who took me for a ride…


This happened in Bangalore. This conversation happened between the auto driver and myself.

Me: Bhaiyya, Jayanagar chalega?

Him: Haan madam. Meter mein 10 rupees extra.

Me: ok.

(so i’am half way through my ride)

Me: jayanagar mein woh bus stand ke pass, woh u turn lena hai.

Him: Madam, i know english. U can speak in english.

Me: huh…. yes thank you, so what is ur name? How long have u been riding an auto?

Him: My name is Sunil Gawda Madam, riding auto for 1.5 years.

Me: Oh that is good, what were you doing before that?

Him: Im a graduate. I was working with a IT company as a call center executive madam.

Me: Oh why did u quit?

Him: Its a dog job madam. I was earning only 8000 madam but that boss was asking me to do his work and i did not like so left.

Me: oh that is good for you.

Him: What good madam. I had girl friend that time once i quit and buy a auto, she left me.

Me: Oh, sorry, that is bad.

Him: No sad madam. I earn 17000 now when i was earning 8000 she was with me. I ask her why and she says i worked with a good company. Because i ride auto, she left me but im earning double now but she does not see it.

Me: oh….ok…

Him: Girls today do not know how to select boys madam. They see one tag around the neck which they dont realise is like a belt around a dog’s neck. They fall for boys working for big companies, but inside office he may be a office boy. Girls today are very bad in choosing madam thats why marriages don’t work today.

Me: ( felt a slap on my face with a Frisbee) oh……hmmmm…. my place is come.

Him: Ok bye madam.

Well,  i have nothing more to add to this, the conversation talks for itself. The price for the journey was 76/- but the lesson learnt was priceless 🙂



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2 thoughts on “The guy who took me for a ride…

  1. Interesting thing is — if this was a movie, the girl would have absolutely fell in love with and married to the auto driver because in movies, rich girls always fall for poor guys, even better if they are a thug!! It just shows how far movies are from reality!

  2. Interesting blog. But I think what the gentleman said was probably a biased opinion formed from his personal experience. Yes its sad that his girlfriend left him but there might be more than 1 ( good / reasonable/ bad) reason for that. At one time boys were demanding for good salary earning girls and we were okay with that! Now times have changed and its the girls time to demand for good salary earning boys. Is that wrong?

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