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Stay Unfair. Stay Beautiful.

The idea to write this blog occurred at 6 am while I was watching a tele-marketing program that endorsed a product to become fair in 7 days. It did not stop just there; the life scenario that was portrayed in the ad was so shocking an depressing to say the least. An “unfair” lady walks into an office for a interview and parallel a “fair” lady walks through the door, guess who got the job? The fairer one…! How unfair no?

 The narrow mindedness, the racism, the changing thoughts about skin colour, the fetish for flawless fake fair skin. Where is the advertisement world heading to…? Where are the women heading to? Indians spend around 3200 crore INR every year for fairer skin. That is a lot of dark skin going down the drain; no wonder mother earth is getting prettier by the day!

To equalise the colour ratio, fairness creams for men has become a cult as well. Celebrities endorsing fairness creams that show how fairer people get jobs easily, find girls quickly, achieve more in life etc. All of this at just Rs.10/- per tube. Wow, I always knew success has a price to pay but did not know it was this ‘cheap’…!

How fair is this? Make it more interesting by buying a fairness meter! Yes, you can actually measure how fair your skin becomes through the magic of a plastic card that has the skin colour from dark to fair painted on it. The world is getting so technologically advanced but yet, the Indian ads will stick to paper cards to measure the skin colour and we Indians will buy it.

If the ads have to be true, then 64% of the Indian women today should be fair. I have not seen one woman actually declare that she got a job interview or got married or achieved success after her skin got fairer. Funny thing is, I see the same models marketing different brands. In one ad, she is the doctor who examines your skin and prescribes the product and in another ad, she is the woman to try on the product. Our foolishness sure makes a lot of people rich.

There is a difference between healthy skin and fairer skin. Both are NOT the same. You need not be fair to have a healthy skin.

I’m not a huge fan of Sharukh Khan, but I adored him for what he was and where he is now. It is hard work and I agree. However, when I saw him endorse a fairness cream that portrays success comes for fairer men, I was speechless. A man who made it BIG in life with his Indian skin colour which is not FAIR and endorsing a fairness cream because he can make BIG bucks sounded wrong at all levels.

Celebrities endorse products because they earn the Big bucks in it not because they used it and reaped the benefits. Nelson Mandela, Oprah, Morgan freeman, Queen Latifah, Konkana Sen and our very own Rajnikanth is proof enough that you don’t need to be fair to be successful in life.

What world do we live in? When someone said, “life is fair” they did not mean this people…! Confidence and beauty comes from within and never lies on the skin. Beauty is skin deep, literally…! I wish some company came up with a cream to change fairer skin to a darker one…!

It is everywhere, blatant and brutal reinforcement that only FAIR is lovely and the rest is trash. I wish women know that men still go by “beauty is within” saying…! I would like to tell all the women out there to be not so stumpy in their thoughts about beauty. Beauty is what lies beneath that skin. It is the way you feel about yourself. Be who you are. BE beautiful. Be Bold. Be blunt. Be all of what you want to be in your SKIN.

Be proud of your colour…! Love is colourless and so is success…!




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