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The boundaries of the mind…!

This is an incident that happened few days back and if left me thinking…!

My friend and I were on our way to the HeritageVillage in Dubai, We boarded a taxi from DubaiMuseum to this place.

We were busy discussing about the lovely history of Dubai post the museum visit and got down at the HeritageVillage. My friend was busy clicking the lovely sight outside and I was busy finding the place and then I realize my mobile is not in the bag. I searched everywhere, in every pocket possible but did not find it. I started panicking and was sure I lost it forever…! My friend was guilty that she did not ask for a receipt and hence we did not know the taxi number as well.

So many thoughts ran in my mind.. “It is an iphone 5, costs a lot” “How do I check face book now” “Mom is going to think I’m forever irresponsible”… etc… I told my friend to call my number as I was sure I left it in the car. But then, i thought, why will he answer it. He would have been happy that he got a iphone 5 for free…!

My friend kept dialing my number, but no luck and then I hear her saying “hello, hello.. yes sorry bhaiyya. We forgot to take our phone, we will come wherever you are and pick it up. Oh ok, sure we will wait. Thank you” and hung up. I looked at her, blank almost. “he said he would come here and hand over the phone to us”. I was still blank not knowing how to react. I was still uncertain, the human that I’m refused to believe that there is some bit of goodness that remains in the world.

Ten minutes went by, and no sign of him. I looked at every taxi and wished it was him. Im certain my friend got frustrated with my frantic behavior though she was being supportive to my situation.

I see a taxi coming towards me and YES it was the taxi that dropped us. He lowered the window panel and smiled at me as he gave the phone. My joy knew no limits. Not because I got my phone but because there was still a little bit of goodness in the world.

I wanted to show my gratitude to him. Slipped in a note and he took it happily. But I knew it was to small for his act of kindness. Took a picture of his I-card so that I can write to his company about this and ensure he gets some reward. 

He drove by smiling and I was glad and still thinking of the whole incident. Later that evening, I was looking through the photos in my phone and came across his I-card photo and smiled with a tear in the corner of my eye. This is what it read.

NAME – Abdul Rauf  Muhammad

Nationality – Pakistan.

i did not sleep that whole night. This incident kept recurring in my mind. I did not say a word about what I felt to anyone including my friend. I still do not know how well to express what ran through my mind, it is a feeling of togetherness and unity. I felt the boundaries have been broken and we are all one.

I reassured to myself that there is goodness in everyone. Nobody is born a bad person. It is the situations that make them what they are.

I wanted to become a bird. A bird has no boundaries. No nationality. No passport. For the bird, the world is one BIG place.

The boundaries are in our mind. The way we think and talk and act. For, our thoughts become words and our words become actions.

If we eliminate this, the boundaries between the nations are just a line.



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5 thoughts on “The boundaries of the mind…!

  1. nice one, yes, world would be a better place with out boundaries, I didn’t mean the physical ones but the mental ones. we become broad minded when we eliminate these boundaries. and hats off to “Abdul Rauf Muhammad” 🙂

  2. I once lost my phone in an authorickshaw in Chennai. The next passenger picked it up and handed it over at the nearest police station. It was then that one of my students (I was teaching at SAE then) had called me for something. Considering a police inspector answered my phone, he managed to learn that I’d lost my phone. Trying to ensure it reaches my hand at the earliest, he took the police station’s details from the inspector who answered the phone and told him that he was my blood relative and that I couldn’t commute in the late hours (it was 10-11 pm approximately). With some further convincing skills, he managed to collect my phone and later calls me from his mobile on my parents’ mobile (which I had stored under an appropriate name in the contacts list) to ask for my address. With huge doubts and strange security risk, I had drilled him with questions asking why he needed my address; already irritated that he was on the phone with me way past normal working hours and completely ignoring the fact that he had managed to figure out my parents mobile number. I then reluctantly give him my address and boom! He lands at my door to home deliver my mobile phone that I thought I’d lost. He then narrated me the whole circle my phone had made in the city to reach me and that too through him. It was then that I had started to believe ‘whatever is meant to be yours will be yours no matter what.’

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