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It’s time to abort….!

Abortion should be legalized. OK, now that caught your attention. Before you judge me for that title, im entitled to tell you what it is about…THE SOCIETY needs an abortion…. WHY, you may ask.. WHY NOT, I question back…!! The society is pregnant with loads of crap and negativity, that we have to abort it to allow the seeds of goodness and love to grow and be delivered to all.

As I look around, I cant help but notice the degree of negativity that is surrounded and pity the society. I empathize the society because it is YOU and ME causing it.. SOCIETY is nothing but a culmination of all of us together. We only take turns in blaming “him” “her” “them” and “they” and never take the onus on us even once.

The other day, I was walking down the street and saw a small boy begging for money, I took him by the pavement and asked him “why are you begging” and he replied saying he is doing what he is been asked to and that im wasting his time asking such questions. I took out the Dairy milk chocolate from my bag and gave it to him and said “kuchh meetha ho jaye” , he took it, he smiled and he ran away….

Like the young boy, we are all doing what we have been asked to. Let me explain. We are all doing things that we are conditioned to do, most of them are sub-consciously injected in our mind by others. “Don’t talk to strangers” is the most common I hear from people..! Well, the interviewer was a stranger to me, but I still had to meet him. My house maid was a stranger to me, I still had to hire someone. The spouse you are married to was a stranger to you once. we all need to take that leap of faith and hope that good things are bound to happen. The very fact that we say “see you tomorrow” every night is the biggest uncertainty of hope but we do it everyday! The very thought that strangers are dangerous is the biggest negative, ABORT IT.

I was watching a news channel and saw this horrifying accident on the roads of a metro that was captured from someone’s camera and as the person was lying there with blood squirted all over her and fighting for life and her husband standing next to her, screaming for help. There were hundreds of people walking, driving and riding through the busy road and not one, mind you, NOT ONE person stopped by to help. What happened to that person? She died. What could have happened if we helped her? Get her to the hospital…? Called for a taxi…? Nothing big, she would have just maybe been alive today and seen another sunrise like you and me. But , NO.. we did not do that.. It is 10 am in the morning, we have our day to look at. We have our meetings. Our own set of worries. We cant go out of the way and help people. It is destined that she will die that day so she did. Well, how sad are we? Little do we know that destiny is what we make it to be! IGNORANCE is the biggest negative, ABORT IT.

I went to this restaurant with a group of friends and it was lunch time and the place was full, we waited for 30 minutes before we got our table and I saw this boy cleaning the tables and since it was too crowded, I helped him a little by moving the table and my friend immediately reacted saying “don’t do that.. Its his job.. not yours” and I took a moment to react. I told her “at work, so many times you helped your manager/boss with his email or his/her schedule when he/she asked you to, did you tell your manager “it is your job, not mine” ? even once? Well, my friend – she shut up! Do not judge people by their position. Mother Theresa says “If you start judging people, you will not have time to love them”. INEQUALITY is the biggest negative, ABORT IT.

“Oh she is wearing skirts, must be really modern and out going…” “Look at him, that tee is so tight, definite gay…” “she wears new clothes every other day to work, wonder what else she does” “She is divorced? Oh my, something must be wrong with her then…” “oh her dressing it too slutty“ “He is 40 and not married…?” “she parties and comes home early mornings, must be sleeping with all men around” “They are married for 5 years and no kids, something must be medically wrong” “What, he went to the PRIDE, oh my god, lets stay away form him”… Why we do not perceive good thoughts about people? If you are really that concerned, ASK, if not, SHUT UP. Self Made PERCEPTION is the biggest negative. ABORT IT.

I had a pep talk with a friend and she was telling me how she loves being single and that her parents and the entire community is forcing her into marriage. All her classmates are married.. All are wives… Few are mothers…So there is this constant pressure from people all around for her to be married. She sulked and cried and did not know what to do. Another scenario, one of my friend’s kid who is studying in school… So my friend told me that she needs to find a good IIT tuition class to put him in. WHY I asked and pat came the reply.. All her friend’s kids are studying for IIT and CAT. I asked the kid what he wants to be and guess what he replied… Batman…! Well, that is how young he is..! PEER PRESSURE is the biggest negative. ABORT IT.

Well, there are many more social pressures we are all injected with and it makes us all more shallow and makes our hearts empty, but these were the issues that was running on my mind…

I have taken my gloves and knife to do the abortion, HAVE YOU???



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3 thoughts on “It’s time to abort….!

  1. Wonderful write up…. If only every individual aborts the negativity in him/her, this world will be a more beautiful place to live.

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