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The Bong connection…!


Well… it was a normal Saturday evening and I was at my favorite place in Bangalore doing what I love… serving people 🙂 .. yeah plus its free food… The climate is great… The place is awesome… earthy lighting.. Wooden benches and yes yummy food…! I see this woman approach and ask “do u work here” and I kept looking at her but then answered quickly to avoid embarrassment and said “No I volunteer here and basically jobless“ and she gave this look which basically said “ OK weirdo” kind… she also guessed im from Chennai, thanks to my English…!! (NO, not in a good way)

But as I saw her sitting on the bench with her friend, I couldn’t help but talk to them and get into a conversation…So these two woman were from else where and tented in Bangalore for study and work… So I had to start the conversation with a joke…What? I’m Sharada, humor is all I have! So, yeah we three got talking and before we knew, we were laughing on the floor..!

It feels so lovely striking random conversations with people and u see it extending to couple of hours and realize that there is so much in common…Strangers are friends we haven’t made yet… its been so long I had such a good conversation with someone and I connected so instantly…!

Hearing new stories and new experiences of other people lives and knowing what makes them who they are is just wonderful and being able to share my life experiences with them was lovely… Both of them are so warm, funny and wont stop laughing at me…! At times, I said nothing and they still laughed…!

They took an hour to guess my name, well that was after i gave away 6 alphabets in it!!! I said my name is one of the thousand names of the goddess in Hindu religion and this woman i met guessed shakira…! Both of them inspired me in different ways but this one woman whom I could not take my eyes off… she had this fantastic charm and the aura she brought around her was just contagious in a good way…

The first that got me attracted to her was her hair… silky… short…sexy…. And secondly her hands…really… i know its crazy, but that is me!! She resembles Ellen DeGeneres to the T and for a minute i thought i should be Portia De Rossi…! 🙂 She just looks like a package to me 🙂

She has the most intoxicating laugh I have seen ever, actually she freaks me out at times when she laughs when nobody around her is talking as well…!

As we got talking, I realized there were so many similarities… She loves travel, arts, theater too… She does not believe in religion, I mean she does but not in the conventional way which is so much like me..! She loves nature as much as I do… she hates working as much I do… She is crazy as much as im… it feels like I met her at the right time…when I needed a friend and little more than a friend too… she is just beautiful, oh yes, outside as well…

The more I spoke to her, the more I realized I need to talk more and know her more…and ended up talking for hours.. I instantly connected with her and the vibes were so positive… she had her magic on me… something about her… this woman I met… for the first time… but I never felt such a connection with anyone at all…

I want to say a BIG thank you to myself to be able to get tuned to her frequency and know the wonderful person that she is… I’m sure this will go a long way!!

A new found friend, companion, soul mate and a wonderful person..!

This Woman I met….!



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