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Enge Brahmanan….!

Enge Brahmanan…?

Well, I hope to keep this one short…!

I had this topic in mind for various reasons and observing people around who belong to this community. As decades passed by, the definition of how a Brahmin should be or rather shouldn’t be is completely misunderstood. Let me go a step ahead and say “I don’t find Brahmins as such but just those who belong to a caste by the name.  Today, when I see around, I do not see any Brahmin by deeds, but Brahmin by convenience and situations. Brahmins on need basis.

Who is a Brahmin…?

One who has no materialistic desires for himself and has no longing for what is ahead of him. – He is a Brahmin.

One who has no hate in his heart and has only love to give. – He is a Brahmin.

One who has no attachments to anything/anyond during his life. – He is a Brahmin.

One who has true knowledge and willing to share it with others immaterial of the caste and religion the ‘others’ belong to.– He is a Brahmin.

One who is fearless and can stand for what is right rather than what is being told – He is a Brahmin.

One who has high degree of self-control, humility and patience – He is a Brahmin.

One who does not discriminate people based on their castes and treats all equal. – He is a Brahmin.

One who thinks talks and does good deeds to people around him – He is a Brahmin.

One who respects mankind as a whole and not divide it into sections of SC, SBC, OC etc. – He is a Brahmin.

Who is not a Brahmin….?

One who differentiates people baded on castes and religion – He is not a Brahmin.

One who thinks himself to be supreme and other communities to be below him – He is not a Brahmin.

One who recites the Vedas and also possesses greed and lust at heart – He is not a Brahmin.

One who has limited thoughts about people and society around him and lives in -ve perception – He is not a Brahmin.

One who abuses woman emotionally, physically and mentally. – He is not a Brahmin.

One who performs Sandhyavandhanam thrice a day yet treats his wife with no respect – He is not a Brahmin.

One who performs rituals and chants mantra with a selfish thought of keeping only him and his family happy – He is not a Brahmin.

One who accumulates wealth and not share it with the needy – He is not Brahmin.

I can go on and on. Show me one Brahmin priest who lives only by his everyday bhiksha and performs his rituals and expects nothing in return?

The Bhagwad Gita says –

Brahmin has no race, religion or space limitation. Wherever, whenever, whoever has the qualities of Self-control, tranquility, uprightness, patience, purity, humility, learning, austerity, wisdom, and faith or have greater tendency towards those qualities is a Brahmin…”

So next time when you have a birth in your family, do not feed her/his mind that she/he is Brahmin because her/his parents are one, bring them up by telling what Brahmin actually is, do not dilute the beauty of the definition by limiting it to birth alone, for life is what happens after that.

Brahmin is beyond a Religion. Beyond a caste. It is the deeds you do and the way of life that defines you to be a Brahmin. You are not Brahmin because you are born one. You become one in the way you live.

It does not matter if you are Joseph or Jameel or Jambunathan, you are a Brahmin by the deeds you do in your life and not by your birth.



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8 thoughts on “Enge Brahmanan….!

  1. Loved your blog post! Especially because it’s so strong in Madras/Chennai. Being Brahmin or not is your foremost identity in Calcutta where I grew up, though the ‘upper’ castes as a whole are a group, but the divisions are not so stark as in Chennai, probably because our customs and food are pretty much uniform across the so called ‘upper’ castes. And Calcutta had seen the Renaissance under Rajmohan Roy who created the Brahmo Samaj which holds the true Brahmanan principles as its core. You could read my blog on how I experienced Caste in Chennai at Keep writing!

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