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It is ok…!

Yes…. We were all born as humans but are we being human enough as we grow up is the question… My opinion is sadly NO… we are humans by convenience not by consciousness…!

Where did it all start? With me? With you? With us? When did it all start? I don’t know… im not too sure…But today, the disease is spreading faster than “Gangnam style” you tube video…

As years pass by, people are becoming more narrow minded… more selfish… more materialistic and more robotic… in the name of being “modern”, we are only becoming more and more crooked and close minded.. So please do not say “old fashioned” as a term to imply people who are close minded… Back then, people were more open to accepting things that are not accepted today… forget the larger issues like LGBT and media… my thoughts are on the smaller things in life.. As simple as a meal together…

YES, I hear you saying times have changed… people no longer do a 9 – 5 job… couples work in different time zones… for that matter, even in different cities… as we get more richer below the waist , we are sadly becoming more poorer above the head… The expressions on the hundreds of white collar robots in the morning swamping the buses look Ctrl C + Ctrl V to me… Life has done that to all of us…

In School and college, we had a different meanings to life… we were told life would be this and that.,, we thought to ourselves that life is all about being with friends and family and having fun.. Little did we realize that life has changed the very meaning of its term with the materialization of almost everything that has to be non-materialistic…

The meaning and the priorities of life are defined differently by each of us depending on our jobs, boss and bank balance… Call yourself a “family man” and u are termed old fashioned! Ah, how funny is that! Being a family is not an “in” thing anymore…But it is not that we don’t realize what we are doing, nobody is that ignorant… We all know what our priorities are, what we need to compromise and what we need to sacrifice in order to keep the life going…oh no, in order to keep the routine going.. There is a difference in both you see…

The children are promised once a year vacation to exotic locales around India and outside to make up for all the lost together times during the rest of the year…

The parents are promised a pilgrimage trip to all the seven kshetralayams once a year to compromise for all the lost conversations during the year…

The friends are promised a night of drinks to pour out the sad story of the ever demanding office boss… ever nagging wife/husband at home and still not enough money to buy that flat in that location that cost that much…

But what are you promising yourself buddy…? Don’t answer that to me or anybody else, but ask yourself and if the answer is convincing enough to bring a smile on your face, then kudos to you if not, pls do that thing called self-thinking…!

Everything is home delivered today… from politics to pizza… from groceries to god… yes, even god is been brought to each apartment during festivities as we don’t have time to see him, he comes and sees us… u see, his boss is more understanding than ours…!

The more we earn, the more our desires go up and the more we buy to satisfy those desires… funny that most of our desires today are tied to money..! Oh common… Don’t say no… from alto to swift to Verna… it’s a natural transition that we all do… The more we earn the more we spend and the more we spend, the need to earn more increases and then the more we spend… ah, it’s a circle..!

Now please don’t frown… I’m not saying stop working… quit your jobs and sit at home and look at your family member faces 24 hours a day, NO… I’m not saying that at all…! All im saying is, there is life outside the routine and honestly we don’t look at it…

It’s ok to skip a late evening meeting once a while and watch that cartoon with your kids… it is seriously ok… Believe me; you will not get fired the next day! At least you had that time with your kid which is more meaningful and important..! It is ok to smile at a stranger… u don’t need to be all serious all the time… It is ok to visit your neighbor for a coffee… your boss will not store your milk packets when you are out of town… It is ok to meet that relative who is behind you to come to their house… it does not make you any less cool… please…! All relatives are not bad… No, I mean it!

It is ok to pay the electricity bill at the counter once a while… try standing in the Q na… you anyways are ok to wait for hours to have that appraisal meeting with your boss, even if it means standing for hours in one leg..! It is ok to bunk office once a while, you will have your customized height adjusted chair and cubicle next day, mother and pinky promise! 😉

It is ok to be late at times… it is ok to get that warning mail… it is ok to sleep till 11 am… It is ok to go to sleep at 9 pm… It is all ok… Buddy… Don’t take life too seriously; you will not get out of it alive any ways!

It is ok to help that person cross the road, it is ok to fall in love again… it is ok to not wear make-up all the time… it is ok to have a bad hair day…it is ok if your boss humiliates you in front of others, you self-esteem should be high enough to look him/her into the eye and talk the next day… It is ok to be honest… You do not have to wear that corporate mask to survive, honesty is any day more rewarding…Would you teach your children to be the way you are today? Answer to yourself!

It is ok to eat that extra plates of rice… don’t be so diet conscious… indulge in those chocolate tarts!! A walk next day is all that it takes…! It is ok to be confused… it is ok to be not knowing all the answers… It is ok if you want to cry… it does not make you any weaker.. it only makes you human.. It is ok if you hate your job…it is ok if have no job, find what you love… your passion.. Do that…! Do not be conditioned to do a job because million others are doing…It is ok to take that risk and start that bakery store… To do that cycling business… to start that travelogue… To write that book… what worst can happen? You will fail, you will lose money? You have to start looking for a job again? But then, 20 years down the line, you will not regret for not having done what you wanted to do… When you tell your child “go after what you want in life…” and when you look at yourself and know you did not do the same, that guilt would be like slow poison..!

Don’t bother about that investment you needed to make, If you have that travel with family pending, DO IT NOW… not till your children grow old… they will remember the times you were not around when they needed you, when they wanted to share what happened in school that day… how many stars they got in that math’s test than the times you shut them up with that expensive toy or the iPads or even making their own fantasy room…! I personally don’t remember what toys my parents got me as much as I remember the evenings my dad sat and helped me do my homework…seriously…!

Don’t get so used to A/C… try the fan at times!! Beads of sweat are good for your body…! Try making that starter at home instead of going to the McD’s and KFC’s… nothing is more fun than cooking together as a family…

DO IT NOW, don’t wait for old age to wear purple… well, that is just a figure of speech… now don’t go searching for purple color dresses…Take that drive alone sometime… Spend time with yourself sometimes… you don’t know what you want at times…so listen to your heart…! It tells you things you will be amazed yourself..!

What Im saying it that, let’s all try being humans, once we die, we are anyways addressed as “body” and not by name, so at least when we live, let us not become walking bodies, without a sense of belongingness to the family or the community and most importantly to us…Because the difference between a dead and the alive is the sense of feeling.. Because even the dead still has all the organs intact as much as alive person has… but then what separates an alive body and a dead body?? Keep your hand against your heart, feel that beat?? That’s our purpose in life… as long as u keep feeling that beat, LIVE, not just EXIST…

LIVE…it’s better to realize late than realizing after becoming Mr/Ms. late…!



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